PH Vacay for 2weeks

Yup, sorry if i didn’t update my journal. And yes, we had a great time and memorable vacation in the Philippines (my origin)…

Day 1 – August 1
We wake up early, coz our flight is around 10am so, as airport info you have to be in the airport 2hrs. before your flight. (Right?) well, sometimes 3hrs. Torture! Hehehehe

And my little princess so brave didn’t hurt her ears from take off and landing…

See, she occupied the one seat to lay her down and sleep… It’s 4hrs flight from Kix, Japan to naia, philippines.

Reach in the phils. Almost past lunch and here’s our first meal… Dinuguan well its my hubby favorite pinoy food


Day 2 – August 2
Breakfast with my hubby families.

I just missed this bread way back when i was in Malaysia – Gardenia bread

Trying to fit my little princess inside this… Look her reaction


We went in the mall, famous mall of the philippines – SM Mall (dasmarinas branch)

One of my favorite drinks – Quickly Taro Taro Special and lastly the big bee food


All time favorite of the kids in the Philippines- Jollibee

Day 3 – August 3 (Sun)
We don’t failed to visit Pink Sister whenever we go back in the Philippines. Of course we have to thanks for the blessing and safe of our love ones.


And we have matching Sesame Street t-shirts (lovely isn’t)

Now, after praying, pigging out with pilipino foods and my hubby’s family

Below our the food we orders:
crispy pata
grilled hito
kang kong with bagoong

Day 4 – August 4 (Mon)
Check it out my new hair-do!
Thank you Bench Fix… Kudos!
I feel light and young hehehehe

Oh by the way, i sacrifice my lunch for this :-( i just eat jollyhotdog for my hair

And, i just had my fattening dinner donuts of Krispy Kreme


Day 5 – August 5 (Tues)
Visit my parents it just a day trip. I wanted to sleep there but the thing is a lot of mosquitos flying around. They might bite my little princess porcelain skin hehehehe

My mom (grandmother) made some pretty dress to little princess so cute.

Above pix, my bff since graders… She married two times well, actually once only as you know no divorce in the phils opppssss i have to stop writing she might get angry if i write it down her real love life stories. In sort the second, just live in… ill stop now enough! Anyway, i’m glad she had time to visit to my parents house to catch up.

I have also visit me one of my close friend in college oh, she also have different stories as well very tragic really i swear she just talk non stop very frustrating to her family and devastating life she had or experience. I hope we can meet her in Japan she’s just 2 hrs. Drive from our place. Hoping she will be fine going back in Japan.

ill just post the rest of our vacay in a few days…

Crochet Rose Ring Tutorial


I must try this… Next project.

Originally posted on The Green Dragonfly:

I made another rose ring today, and I thought Id write a tutorial, so you can make one too.

Crochet Rose RingIt really is a very quick project!

Using yarn of your choice and a corresponding hook, chain 17. Double crochet in the fifth chain from the hook. Chain 1 DC into the same stitch. *Skip 1 chain, DC, Chain 1, DC int the next stitch*, repeat across your chain- you should end up with 7 DC-chain 1-DC pairs.

Crochet Rose RingTurn your work. Chain 3, DC 5 times, ss into the first chain 1 space. Sc into the next space.

DC 6 times, ss into the next chain 1 space. Sc into the next space.

DC 7 times, ss into the next chain 1 space. Sc into the next space.

DC 7 times, ss into the next chain 1 space. Sc into the next space.

DC 8 times, ss into the next chain…

View original 215 more words

Diagram for the first time mom

I hope this will be help for those first mom to be or either mothers out there to know.

As speak, know the food for mothers who soon to breast feed their babies.

This is helpful to monitor the behavior of our baby

If your not going to breastfeed, this chart will be help.

For the baby eats solid food.

Chart for your babies likes the food listed.

Oh, this one my favorite… Sleepness nights, additional to know the sleep of your baby.

Sleeping Goals



Development of the baby

3mos old month

Yesterday my little princess turn 3mos. Times really flies so fast…

She got a lot of development these past days…
– smile often
– laugh with a sound
– legs raising up and down
– when you will put camera in front of her she will start giggling
– she loves watching tv especially cartoons

We celebrate her birthday eating outside, sushi my favorite!


Chinese Opera


Chinese opera (simplified Chinese: 戏曲; traditional Chinese: 戲曲; pinyin: xìqǔ; Jyutping: hei3kuk1) is a popular form of drama and musical theatre in China with roots going back to the early periods in China. It is a composite performance art that is an amalgamation of various art forms that existed in ancient China, and evolved gradually over more than a thousand years, reaching its mature form in the 13th century during the Song Dynasty. Early forms of Chinese drama are simple, but over time they incorporated various art forms, such as music, song and dance, martial arts, acrobatics, as well as literary art forms to become Chinese opera.



They are totally cute. I’ll watch it someday even though i don’t understand. Their is a saying “action is better than words” right? Just like watching show in Tokyo Disneyland for the first time i went there, i don’t understand anything. All i can remember the short greetings like “ohayo”,”konnichiwa”,”konbanwa”,genkidesuka” and the most important one “ikuradesuka”(how much?) hehehehe now, i understand a bit but i’m shy to speak/talk it might be wrong so i better reply in english instead. Well, hopefully i can watch.

100 days happy challenge Part 3

















Oh! sushi

One of the most thing i like in Japan… SUSHI!. If you taste sushi in japan, and you will try it to other countries your taste buds will definitely dissapointed.


Curious about this drink… I tasted the honey and white grapes… Love it! I should buy more hehehe your tongue will be busy for the seeds.


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