2015 B-day Blast

2015 B-day Blast

It was my birthday last week. Even though the heat is On! We went to Universal Studio Japan at 35 degrees. Gosh, that’s really hot.


But, my two boys enjoyed it. Look they have their own water gun.


I also, enjoyed watching the Minion. So, Adorable they are and they walk like a penguin. (hahaha)


We didn’t enjoy much because of the Heat of the Sun. So, painful to the skin and eyes.  And, we sweat like a pig.


My post birthday, we had a Dinner Buffet in Hotel Hilton. Unlimited Wine which i love it. (except beer c’oz i don’t drink beer)

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Life with a Toddler

I just want to share this as i run down in my facebook timeline… Love the comic strip, about beautiful chaos of having 18months old by Grant Snider…


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Vest crochet

i just get excited when i saw this mother and daughter vest

Is like put all together the dollies…

I’ve bought yarn for my little princess… Then, mine is plain black…

 I use different yarn so, that we can use for autumn, winter and spring as well

Below i would like to share the pattern i got from the magazine.

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Crochet & Knit plans projects

I just want to share of my next projects (if i’m not busy) for my crochet and knit.

Scanned magazine below, sorry in Japanese but if you know the terms and abbreviation. For sure you can understand the patterns or by help of Google translate. :-) enjoy!

Love this skirt for autumn and winter outfit.

This is for summer outfit

I made this… But different yarn i used. See below. 

 wearing it with my plain t shirt or long sleeve and put girly thing small flower on the left side. 
Great for top of spaghetti strap for summer…

I hope you like those patterns.

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The Thumb

Yah, my daughter loves her thumb so much. Just wondering how to prevent/stop this thumb sucking thing.   
I just made cover for his thumb but still she remove it. (Pictures below sorry for blurry she moves a lot)

 They said, I didn’t tried to put pacifier, now she’s doing the thumb sucking. My mom said, I didn’t eat the food I want/like when I was pregnant. I don’t know if its true, that time I just want a philippine mango but is not available here in Japan. Online? No stocks, no luck at all. But, my first baby he didn’t thumb sucking. Btw, she’s already 1yr old and 3mos old. (March 1,2014)

These are some of our thumb sucking stopping tools

No one thing is going to work for everyone, so we want to give you as many resources as we could find!  Check these things out…affiliate links help support Kids Activities Blog.

 Thumbuddy to Love – This is an adorable book about giving up thumb sucking that comes with a puppet and a success chart.

Thumbusters – A thumb covering that discourages sucking.

Thumb Love– A sweet story about a little girl named Lulu who vows to give up her thumb sucking.

Thumb Sucking Glove – Fingerless gloves that are brightly decorated that can remind kids not to suck their thumb.

Thumb Thing – This is a cross between the Thumbusters and the Thumb Sucking Glove.  I love the bright and cheerful coloring.

Goodbye, thumb sucking – Another adorable children’s book about giving up the thumb.

Baby mittens – These can help the habit never get started.

Here are even more great thumb sucking articles for you

Super smart online moms are always a good place to check out.  Here are some resources about stopping thumb sucking.

How Can You Stop Nail Biting and Thumb Sucking? From Aha! Parenting

Break The Thumb Sucking Habit In A Week From No Sleep Til College

6 Tips for Breaking The Thumb Sucking Habit From PopSugar Moms

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Japanese Proverbs

I just want to share some Japanese proverbs i liked. well, some are common not just in Japan.

膝とも談合 (Consult anyone, even your knees)

[Two heads are better than one]

This proverbs is famous no need to explain furthermore.

猿も木から落ちる (Even monkeys fall from trees)

[Anyone can make a mistake]

This proverbs shows admiration for the gifted, matched with sympathy for those who make a mistake.

千里の道も一歩から (Even a thousand-mile journey begins with the first step)

Reflects a practical truth, that one must conquer one’s fear and take that necessary initial move. Consider the maxim “there’s no time like the present”.

悪事千里を走る (An evil act runs a thousand miles)

[Bad news travels fast]

Is like a gossiping, why we don’t gossip good things instead of bad things, right?

郷に入っては郷に従え (Obey the customs of the village you enter)

[When in Rome, do as the Romans]

This proverbs is about conformity, requesting outsiders not to disrupt the society they’re visiting. In short is “respect”.

口は災いの元. (The mouth is the cause of calamity)

[The mouth is the gate of evil]

Talking too much is viewed as irresponsible. Secrets may be betrayed, a universal worry. 

卵と誓いは砕けーやすい (Eggs and Vows are easily broken)

[Actions speak louder than words]

Naaahhh no need to explain, famous sayings or proverbs, right?

味噌の味噌臭いは上味噌にあらず (The bean paste that smells like bean paste is not the best quality)

[All that glitters is not gold)

It warns against what looks or smell, tO good to be true. 

取らぬ狸の皮算用 (Don’t estimate the value of a raccoon dog skin before catching the raccoon dog.)

[Don’t count your chicken before they’re hatched]

We always does this right? So, instead counting your blessings or wealth just thank God you where blessed with him. 

臭い物に蓋 (Put a lid on what smells bad)

[Don’t wash dirty linen in public]

The Japanese are known fir their discretion and more for not talking about a situation than talking about it.  

去る者は日々に疎し。(Those who depart are forgotten, day by day)

[Out of sight, out if mind]

A seemingly callous saying, this proverb reflects that hard truth that impressions of others fade when not prompted by daily appearances. 

爪の垢を煎じて飲む。(Boil and drink another’s fingernail dirt)

[To follow in someone’s footsteps]

To emulate another was how one succeeded as an apprentice or mastered a craft in traditional Japan. 

京の夢、大坂の夢。(Dreams in Kyoto, dreams in Osaka)

[Wishing will make it so]

This saying was used in previously eras by people with big aspirations. Repeating these words signified a wish for one’s dream to become reality.  

旅は道ずれ、世は情け。(In traveling, a companion; in life, sympathy)

[A friend in need is a friend indeed]

In old Japan, taking a trip was somewhat hazardous, and it was best to go accompanied. The larger idea, however, involves emotional support, with the metaphor of life as a journey. 

門前の小僧習わぬ経を読む。(A boy living near a Buddhist temple can learn an untaught sutra by heart)

[Experience is the best teacher]

One learns from what’s nearby and from what one hears over and over: proximity and repetition.  

頭隠して尻隠さず。(One hides the heD and leaves the rear end uncovered)

[Protect yourself at all points]

This warning is as applicable to battle as it to rising up the ranks of a corporate ladder; don’t leave yourself vulnerable. The image is that of an ostrich, who thinks it’s safe when it buries its head in the sand and can no longer see the danger. 

善は急げ。(Do quickly what is good )

[Strike while the iron is hot]

Timing matters, especially in the performance of admirable deeds. 

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Golden Week Vacay (May 6-8, 2015)

Sorry for the late post… busy in studying Japanese (Nihonggo)… so, hard to composed sentence. Some more, i have to memorize the kanji (chinese character) beside from Hiragana and Katakana…

Anyway, our Golden Week Vacay we had it in Wakayama Prefecture from May 6 to 8 (3 days). If you love nature, i definitely recommend to go here. I love the smell of the fresh air and those trees in the mountain really can smell the green leaves.

DSC_4994 DSC_4998 - Copy P1110340 DSC_5006 DSC_5013 - Copy DSC_5024

We came together with our Church friends. We had a great time and greenery scenery. It’s a long from Minoo, Osaka to Aridagawa, Wakayama  but its worth it. (See below more pictures)

DSC_5091 - Copy DSC_5105 DSC_5106 DSC_5107

We stayed in a cottage like a cabin style  house.  Here’s the links for the area Aridagawa, Wakayama

The next day we have time to go around. (See below pictures) 


Had fun time with the kids in the river


Grapes Fields

413 DSC_5249

i forgot the name of this dripping flower.

DSC_5281 419

Hanging Bridge

Before we end our vacay (going home) we drop by first in one of the World Heritage shrine and Temple. (see below pictures)

DSC_5296 DSC_5345 DSC_5346 DSC_5362 DSC_5363 DSC_5367 DSC_5376 DSC_5377 DSC_5394 DSC_5397 DSC_5409 DSC_5413

Mount Kōya (高野山 Kōya-san?) is the name of mountains in Wakayama Prefecture to the south of Osaka. Also, Kōya-san is a modifying word for Kongōbu-ji (金剛峯寺). There is no one mountain officially called Kōya-san (高野山) in Japan.

First settled in 819 by the monk Kūkai, Mt. Kōya is primarily known as the world headquarters of the Kōyasan Shingon sect of Japanese Buddhism. Located in an 800 m high valley amid the eight peaks of the mountain (which was the reason this location was selected, in that the terrain is supposed to resemble a lotus plant), the originalmonastery has grown into the town of Kōya, featuring a university dedicated to religious studies and 120 temples, many of which offer lodging to pilgrims. The mountain is home to the following famous sites:

  • Okunoin (奥の院), the mausoleum of Kūkai, surrounded by an immense graveyard (the largest in Japan)
  • Danjogaran (壇上伽藍), a heartland of Mt. Kōya.
    • Konpon Daitō (根本大塔), a pagoda that according to Shingon doctrine represents the central point of a mandala covering not only Mt. Kōya but all of Japan
  • Kongōbu-ji (金剛峯寺), the head temple of the Kōyasan Shingon Buddhism
  • Kōyasan chōishi-michi, the traditional route up the mountain
  • It also houses a replica of the Nestorian stele[1]

In 2004, UNESCO designated Mt. Kōya, along with two other locations on the Kii Peninsula, Yoshino and Omine; and Kumano Sanzan, as World Heritage SitesSacred Sites and Pilgrimage Routes in the Kii Mountain Range“.

We really enjoyed our vacay, this is our first time with vacay with friends in Japan.

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