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August Bujo Set-up

This is the first time to post solely for my bullet journal and also the first time to film it. Though so hard to film because my camera I use was just my cell phone (oh lazy me because I didn’t charge my camera sorry for that) Anyway, let’s go for it.

My theme for August will be a beach, water, oceans and blue color.

Beach Theme August Cover

When I was single I usually go to the beach with friends this inspired me to do this them (oh reminiscing my singlets hahaha)

A month of August Spread

Oh Muji Notebook terrible in bleeding and ghosting, it doesn’t look good right. 😦 Never use too much juicy ink and pentel even highlighters. 😦

My ultimate tracker (all in) & Week 31 (Aug.1-5)

This is my tracker from House chores, Social media, and Personal routines.  I still have space on the other side of the notebook so, I put the week 31 of August to be filled in.

My weekly spread: Week 32 to Week 35. Maybe next time I just make it simple and minimalist. And just have theme color for each weekly. I took me like 2 days doing this hahaha. Anyway, my next notebook will be my Essentials finally I decided to buy the real Bullet journal notebook with thick paper.

I’ll be setting up my new bujo for September. Here’s are the supplies I bought from Amazon.

First, the notebook was affordable I don’t spend money on much of the notebook and I want the paper to be thick. I love Pens (addict since I was in high school, my collection I left it to the Philippines which I give it to my sisters) I love writing colorful pens & highlighter. Oh, I just get the Crayola Super Tips for practicing calligraphy which is easy to control. I also have Tombow but so hard to control need more practice. I don’t have time to visit the stationery corner in the mall yet, to get more pens 🙂 soon, I will take pictures of the stall. In Japan, you can find anything, and usually, you won’t go home empty-handed. When you say just looking then suddenly you bought tons of pens, various stickers, mini notebooks, cute post etc. or anything.

Anyway, hopefully, I can film again my next bujo migration. (cross my finger) Please enjoy the video below how I set-up my August Spreads.

Supplies Used:
Notebook: Muji Spring Notebook
Pencil: Tombow Mono Graph 0.5 2B
Black Pens: Sakura Pigma 03, Uniball Signo RTI 0.38, Zebra Sarasa 0.5
Colored Pens: Zebra Sarasa 0.5, Neon color (Chinese brand sorry I can’t read it)
Colored marker: Crayola Super Tips & Zebra Mildliner
Pen Brush: Kuretake Metallic Blue
Washi Tapes bundle from the Loft (Japanese Brand)
Eraser: Tombow Black
Watercolor: 100 yen Daiso Brand

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Cleaning Strategy

As you all know, we transfer to a bigger house and with garden (if your new to my blog just read my previouse post here ) As a mother, one of our dilemma will be how to manage to clean the whole house. So, as usual, we have to check the internet. So, I run over all the ideas, and opinions, especially to the stay-home mom and also for the busy mothers out there. I compiled it what is better to do clean, easy and time wisely.I don’t want to clean the house entirely in just one day. Yup, I hate cleaning. We have to prioritize first the one we always use, like sweeping and mopping the floor (esp. the kitchen) because of water drops whenever they get something and they wash their hands in the sink. De-clutter, pick-up all those unwanted stuff in the living room, dining, kitchen etc. That’s my first thing to do every morning. (De-clutter, Sweep, and Mop) Check all the sites below for your information.


This schedule above I find it useful (click the link here for more information) some items not related to our house but, still I find it useful.



Link here
Link Here

More information click here. At least, in this ideas above, your can figure out which comes first and last. So, this time it will be scheduling. I incorporated my bullet journal in cleaning the house. Here’s the some ideas below for house chores schedule.

They usually use by area. (More details : click here)





So, mine just simple weekly house chores in my bujo (Jan-June 2018) I usually put on my ultimate tracker from Housechores, Social Media and Personal.

Tracking also when was the last time I change… then, my weekly/daily cleaning routine.

They all same style for except the May month. I don’t like it so, I’m back with this style. But for my July is different. (sort of).


Bullet Journal really helps me to do everything in place. Because you will just focus the day that you’re written on your daily routine. As a woman sometimes we sort of forgetting something and also how to compress your time from cleaning, kids, social media and also my gaming time (kids at heart) as you sit in front of the tv. You find yourself productive even though you didn’t notice it. Right? Anyway, I will do separate post again regarding my bullet journal supplies (budget friendly).

This is my everyday cleaning routine. Some heavy stuff like doing floor wax my hubby takes the charge he will do it every month, cleaning the car and storage outside.

Before I end. Hopefully, this will help you to do your everyday cleaning routine and here’s some tips from Nifty on Buzzfeed .


All in for house cleaning, social media, health and personal. 


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My Son’s Sport Day

This will be our first sports Day in Yokohama. The program will start at 9am. We left the house around 8:30am and we thought we are early and we are wrong. See Below pictures.

Because this is our first time, we didn’t know that allowed to set up a tent. Now, we know! Next time we will bring our tent and chairs.

It was great weather not too hot but it was dry. Oh boy, my little boy has now grown up and his so slow in marathon need more practice. We saw other kids they so fast.

Every Grade they have some presentation.

we had a great time watching kids doing some sports and how challenging they are.

Below the video with the complete program.


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My Daughter First Field Trip

This is the first trip of my daughter. It was in Kanazawa Zoo. It’s our 2nd time visited this zoo. My daughter enjoyed it a lot. Happy kids but whenever she sees insects she’s scared so much. She will scream continuously while screaming she’s crying at the same time.


The weather is clear and dry. Great for the field trip and their’s a lot of schools also doing field trips. A bit crowded.

We also eat our lunch box (bento) before we go home because my son will go home early because tomorrow will be their Sports Feast (Day). I will post separately for his sports day. Anyway, we go home after we ate our lunch box. the trip end 11:30pm so anyone can stay and go around but as we go home. Below, some pictures from the trip.

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House Transformation

Last January as I posted on my previous blog that we moved from Osaka to Yokohama because of my husband job/work which is bigger company and compensation. Of course, my husband grabs the better opportunity and good for the family as well. Okay, Let’s go for our new house tour. But, first the house background. We bought the house not brand new. The owner bought it in the auction but not actually lives here and then he decided to sell it because it’s getting old. So, he’s not the original owner as well. Below are the pictures and after we cleaned, renovate esp the garden and arrange our things inside.


(Above) front of the house:  Before: As you can see lots of plants sprouting on the fence and side of the house After Pictures, New fence, and removed the plants and trees.


But, before putting the fence. We have to paint the house so, that it will look nice from the outside.

Below, the floor map of the House. It has 6 rooms (1 Japanese room – 1st flr. 1 master bedroom, 3 rooms with loft and 1 guest room, 2 shower room, 2 toilets & 1 bathroom) and walking closet)


It was really hard to find a new place especially if your budget is not that big and also the locations as well. We want more a residential place, quiet and good neighborhood as well. But, we have to find schools that are a bit near to the house as well for the kids convenient.

Below pictures are before. (1st floor)

Below the after of the house (cleaned, renovate and arrange)

We still lacking some stuff to be organized but pretty much looks like that.

Below, the before pictures of the 2nd floor of the house.

Below the After pictures

What good about this house was the garden. I love it!. Having a house in Japan rarely to have a huge house especially in a big city.

We had our housewarming (May 26) with our church friends at the Yokohama Internation Bible Church.

Below are the other pictures that on progress.

Btw, I got also my own room for my Crafts, Sewing, Arts, Knitting & Crochet.  Now, we can call it a Home.

My DIY Welcome wreath and some decoration as well. Loving it!

And, sorry I was so busy these past days it’s been a long delay to post.

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Spring Blends Diffuser

The weather is changing either too hot, humid and raining. Weather is unpredictable that’s why some people (adults & young) are getting sick because our body doesn’t shift fast as the temperature got high and low that means we are getting sick. To prevent it some essential diffuser can help us especially if you got a stuffy nose, cough, and allergy as well. Below is must have mix oil diffuser for Spring.

Spring Blends Diffuser

Btw, I love our new diffuser in our living room. It smells so good when our visitor enters the house they told us it smells good and it doesn’t smell food we cooked.

Other Spring Blend that you want to try.

Hello Spring

1 drop Geranium

2 drops Lemon

1 drop Grapefruit

Sunny Days
4 drops Orange
2 drops Ylang Ylang
2 drops Bergamot
Spring Flowers
5 drops Clary Sage
3 drops Lavender
2 drops Geranium
Springtime Rain
4 drops Lemon
4 drops Vetiver
Spring Petals
2 drops Ylang Ylang
2 drops Peppermint
1 drop Lemon
Seasonal Relief
3 drops Peppermint
3 drops lavender
3 drops Lemon
Spring Blossoms
3 drops Orange
3 drops Ginger
2 drops Ylang Ylang
Fresh Picked
2 drops Lavender
2 drops Ylang Ylang
2 drops Jasmine
Island Breeze
4 drops Bergamot
4 drops Lime

Just like my past blog about oils,  I’d like to share this easy way life with the people who love E.O. like me.

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