I’m struggling to lose weight… 

  • … I can’t wear my old clothes that I only used once (branded and expensive one :-()
  • … I got a fat face in the pictures (no selfie anymore hehehe)
  • … Double (triple) chin (darn!)

Anyway, I got remedies for this.. 

  • … Old cloths – re-fashion hehehehe with the help of pinterest easy search 
  • … Fat face – the power of make up (contour, contour :-p)
  • … The chin, use make up again

But wait, this is real diet the honey and cinnamon, but I’m impatient so I tried the egg diet for 3 days. Yes success! For my body type is effective. My weight was 168kg now 165kg at least I lost 3kg I just need to maintain and not to gain again it should go down. Anyway, here’s the egg diet I’m talking about… 

First Day

Breakfast: Two boiled eggs, 2 tomatoes and a cup of green tea without sugar.

Lunch: Two egg whites, 120 grams of boiled or baked fish and a glass of green tea.

Snack: One apple

Dinner: Vegetable of steam (broccoli, cauliflower, carrots, peas, green beans, etc.) with a cup of green tea.

Second Day

Breakfast: Two boiled eggs, 1 banana and a cup of green tea.

Lunch: Two egg whites, 120 grams boiled chicken without skin and a glass of green tea.

Dinner: 120 grams of cottage cheese, a slice of rusk and a cup of milk with low fat.

Third Day

Breakfast: Two boiled eggs and a glass of tomato juice

Lunch: Two egg whites, 120 grams of cooked red meat and a cup of green tea.

Dinner: Two baked potatoes, green salad and a glass of green tea.

Click here for more info. 3days Egg Diet

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Is a must to share this, last Friday (Jan.15, 2016) I attended in the school of my son on how to make and prepare when there is an earthquake. Especially if they are our in the school building and on the road. Last week Hokkaido, Japan experience the moved off the ground at 6.7 magnitudes.

TOKYO: A 6.7-magnitude earthquake struck off Japan’s Hokkaido on Thursday (Jan 14), according to the United States Geological Survey.

No tsunami warning was issued by authorities for the quake which struck 51km southeast of Shizunai.

The quake hit at 12.25pm (11.25am, Singapore time) off the southern coast of the island, at a location about 750km north of Tokyo, the Japan Meteorological Agency said. The quake was measured at a depth of 50km, it added.

No damage or injuries were immediately reported though heavy shaking was captured on camera footage shown on public broadcaster NHK. Japan sits at the junction of four tectonic plates and experiences around 20 per cent of the world’s most powerful earthquakes.

But rigid building codes and strict enforcement mean even powerful tremors frequently do little damage. On Tuesday, a strong 6.1 magnitude earthquake struck off Hokkaido.

A massive undersea quake that hit in March 2011 sent a tsunami barrelling into Japan’s northeast coast, killing more than 15,000 people and sending three reactors into meltdown at the Fukushima nuclear plant.

– CNA/Agencies/rw

All parents watched the video below how the kids (students) prepare their self in case earthquake occur. 

Video click here (sorry in Japan)

The Japanese really care the safety of the kids as usual be alert in every calamity. They really have this time to make seriously pay attention to this event. This is very interesting, ’cause in the Philippines we had earthquake, typhoons, tsunami.. We don’t have any idea what to do and we end up panicking, right? Oh, this is the way I love Japan. Safe and very advanced (esp. Technology). 

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Winter dilemma

I just list down some of my dilemma when it’s winter.

 1. Hard to dry cloths – yup, we don’t usually use the dryer in winter because sometimes it shrinks our clothes. The sun don’t usually shine at winter if its shine, but not totally hot some more and it’s windy.
 2. Heater – let’s say 12hrs a day or more (good luck to our electricity bill) once your body at ease in the heater when going out too cold, our body temperature won’t shift immediately. 

 3. Heavy cloths/ layered cloths (heat tech inner cloths) too much to wear. A problem if you’re going to buy cloths you get lazy to fit it and the end you won’t buy it.

 4. This all the problems of all… Lazy to get up. 

 5. Doing exercise without sweating at all.

 6. Accessories (ring, bracelet, earrings, etc.…) it will cover by the way so no need to wear at all. Earrings sometimes it tangles in my scarf.

 7. Shoes/Boots – hear in the Japan some restaurant you have to remove your shoes and also inside the house of a friend/neighbors.

 8. Dry skin – change lotion and moisturizer (oh waste money) 

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New Resolution 2016

 Yeah, I still believe in this… That someday we will be proud of ourselves if we did those resolutions for this year. It’s been a while I didn’t post any blog before the end of the year 2015.
First of all, my followers and likers… I just take this opportunity to greet you all a Belated Merry Christmas and a Happy New Year.  
My new resolution (just like in the school, lol)… Time Management is the best word for me, I though Time Management is for work only, now I realized it was applicable to our daily lives as well.

1. I should schedule the cleaning in our house every morning because, Whenever i schedule in the afternoon I get lazy to do it and i will say to myself i’ll do it tomorrow instead by then, sometimes I almost forgot. (Sign of my age, forget sometimes)

2. List down the groceries and my to do list for the day

3. Post blog at least once a week

4. Do exercise before cleaning the house in the morning

5. Eat healthy food (this is very tough for me, challenge accepted!)

6. Study my japanese at least 1hr everyday (so, that i won’t forget especially my kanji :-()

7. Sleep at least 6-7hrs at night

8. Manage to have time for  sewing, knitting,crochet and crafting.

So, this is my 2016 new year resolution wish me luck… Let’s do it!!!

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Our tree is up!

We started to decorate Christmas in our home. First of all the 8″ft Christmas tree which reach to our ceiling. Motif for this year 2015 is silver and blue. Sad to say, we can’t find white Christmas lights so, we just use multicolor lights and we had a trip first in Costco wholesaler to buy the Christmas lights. 

So, I just want to greet you all a Merry Christmas and Happy new year, I might busy so I just take this opportunity. 

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Addicted T.V. Series

Yeah, I’m so addicted with the u.s. And u.k. Tv series now. All new season, I will just list it down (in any particular order) and why I love to watch it. Btw, I love horror which include thriller and suspense, action, comedy, supernatural and sci-fi genre. . 
The Walking Dead – “if you can beat them, join them” buy will change it to”if you been beaten, then you may join them” hahahaha sounds crazy right… But, this is a matter of life and survive. (Season 6 just started) 

Fear The Walking Dead – this was the spin off of The Walking Dead, where the zombies begin. (Season 1 end) they have Web Series on October 24 to be shown. 
Heroes – I’ve been watching this since I was working in Malaysia that was more than 5yrs ago. They returned the series, but different characters. They have special powers or let say gift people, but they are afraid to show to the mortal human they might kill them because they are not human after all. (Reborn series on going)

Z Nation – another zombie series (oh, I love apocalypse thingy, at least we will have an idea what to do and who we can trust in sort trust no one) story, here they have the antidote for the zombies they have to save this person so that the human race will survive. (Season 2 ongoing)

iZombie – another zombie, but this one, they can totally talk to the zombie and think like a human. Kinda weird they are dead but can be human form which they have rat brain some more they brain they eaten some memories they absorb it.

The Flash – super hero thing. I just like this comic adventure. (Season 2 just started)

Arrow – adventures, heroes, but this hero us more on strength. He trained so much in fighting, especially the bow and arrow. (Season 2 just started) they also have a special appearance of Ben of The Flash, vice versa.

Marvels agent of shields – yup, super heroes again. No need to explain the reason I love to watch this series.

Once upon a time – storybook and fairy tale book series ’cause when I was young I love those fairy books or tales to read in our library, but this story has a twist more matured and they all in one series and goal.

The Big Bang Theory – if you like to laugh, this is nice tv series. I’d watched this since I was working in Malaysia that’s 3yrs ago. I highly recommended to watch this. (two thumbs up)

The Vampire Diaries – oh yeah, no more Elena (Nina) in this season, I don’t know if they still pull off the story of this series. But, it’s ok, I still watch it because of Damon Salvatore and the brother of Elena (Jeremy). 

The Originals – spin-off of The Vampire Diaries, where the Vampires started. Vampires versus Witches not Werewolf.

Sleepy Hallows – I just like the main cast Capt. Crane (Tom Mison), as usual love the supernatural thing.

Supernatural – nothing beats the Winchester brothers to fight against the Devil/Evil. 

CSI Cyber – love how the technologies play here. 

NCIS – about solving the crime from the Naval Officers.

American Horror Story – it says all the titles, Horror series. 

I just started to watch the new series below, somehow a bit promising yet, let say if I get bored or slow pacing scenes I might not to continue to watch it.

Limitless – from the movie, about the drugs that you can do anything.

Minority Report – from the movie again, (Tom Cruise) I like the technology in here very advance. Crime fighter before it occur.

Comment if you like to recommend me a series that you already watched. Thank you for dropping by. 

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As I write in my previous post that we are going to visit my home country which my mother-in-law didn’t  know that we are going to home (The Philippines). Anyway, she gets surprised really she cried (that’s tears of Joy) his favorite grandson will be here before her birthday. So, we are getting hungry, we just eat a fast food for dinner which is Jollibee…. :-) I miss their gravy…


Luckily, we didn't forgot her Anpanman stuff.

Luckily, we didn’t forgot her Anpanman stuff.

The next day, the real birthday of my mother-in-law. Eat dinner at the house of the eldest son (bro-in-law) Pizza only because Dinner will be in a Japanese (as if we didn’t come from Japan) anyway, the restaurant is cozy and friendly server and most of all cheap.


she's amazed with the rain. Bec. in Japan she don't usually go out.

she’s amazed with the rain. Bec. in Japan she don’t usually go out.

094 095  DSC_6178 DSC_6190 DSC_6194 DSC_6203 DSC_6208

The rest of the day, we have time to shop and eat Filipino food.

one of my favorite "pork sisig"

one of my favorite “pork sisig”

Kare-Kare and shanghai

Kare-Kare and shanghai

crab rice

crab rice

104 105

we just have time to have a minute of foot spa (pedi and mani as well)

we just have time to have a minute of foot spa (pedi and mani as well)

Paid visit to the father of my hubby (father-in-law) in the cementery.

DSC_6298 DSC_6316 DSC_6320 136 DSC_6334 DSC_6342

And, of course drop by in the mall and shop a bit and also eat lunch @ Kamay Kainan (Buffet)

Finally, the reason we are here (The Philippines) the celebration of the birthday of my Mother-in-Law.

_DSC7038 _DSC7040 _DSC7057 _DSC7060 _DSC7078 _DSC7131

The Decoration was simple and elegant

_DSC7041 _DSC7044

_DSC7047 _DSC7052

_DSC7185 _DSC7277

No doubt,  the food it was good… Happy Tummy again!

The next day, early morning we fly back to Japan (3am) as in early. Kids, just sleep entire flight. We just eat their in-flight food. Then, back to Japan around 8:30am.

161 162 164

Last Lunch at the Philippines

166 197

At the Mall

200 201


 204 205

Caution: High Cholesterol

209 212

At the mall, kid on Play

217 219

Last Dinner together with my Hubby Family

Thank you for the prayer we have a safe journey (vice versa), especially if you have a toddler.


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