Trade In Car

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After we attended a showroom for the new release car of Nissan with Autech which is top notch techonology. Well, as you all know Japan is a manufacture of cars. Thats why here in Japan after 3years you can change your car and trade in to a latest model. But, you can exceed to 5 years it depends on the condition of the car. In Japan, the more the older your car is, the insurance is much expensive. So, people here cars is not luxury to them is a necessity.


From Silver color to Maroon both Nissan Serena Type

Total coordination of exterior and interior under the theme of “Power and Luxury” offers a striking street presence.
Higher output engine, tuned body and suspension deliver exhilarating acceleration, sporty and stable handling for a tight, comfortable ride.

Design: Exterior and interior design is totally coordinated by using full scale clay models and CAD design system.

Performance tuning: Leveraging the technology of racing car development, AUTECH provides ultimate driving performance through total package of high-output engine, tuned suspension and body reinforce.

Accessory parts: A broad range of original accessory parts are available for more personalization of customized cars.

Lucky for these kids, they get a chance to ride the latest and we are the first customer bought this new model. When, I was age like them riding in the bicycle is the happiest thing experience, but now a lot of rides you can imagine and invented as well.

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Roadventure (Fukui, Japan)

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This is our first time to do road trip and camping inside the car. It was cold but, it was fun and interesting.


We had light dinner at the Family Mart. I had Nissin Instant Ramen c’oz I want hot for my stomach, my hubby had Ramen of Family mart, he said is so tasty. My son had carbonara and my little princess a simple soup with rice. We have to wait with our friends here in Family Mart and will go off the road.

So, cute my little princess but sad when we where on the road she vomited the food she ate. Anyway, she’s okay afterward we reach in the service area.

This is our first time to do camping inside the car and lay down all the chair to make bed. It was a bit uncomfortable because of the bump at the back. It was warm enough to sleep with my kids.

My son’s breakfast is Ramen, too heavy but he likes it. I had sandwich and my little princess her new favorite juice (vegetable juice).

Fishing, Cooking and Eating Time


Fukui originally consisted of the old provinces of Wakasa and Echizen, before the prefecture was formed in 1871.
During the Edo period, the daimyō of the region was surnamed Matsudaira, and was a descendant of Tokugawa Ieyasu.
During World War II, the city was heavily bombed and its palace, surrounded by a moat, was demolished. The Fukui Prefectural government buildings were built on the site.

The province faces the Sea of Japan, and has a western part (formerly Wakasa) which is a narrow plain between the mountains and the sea, and a larger eastern part (formerly Echizen) with wider plains including the capital and most of the population. The mountain side of the eastern part has much snow in winter.

As of 31 March 2008, 15% of the total land area of the prefecture was designated as Natural Parks, namely the Hakusan National Park; Echizen-Kaga Kaigan and Wakasa Wan Quasi-National Parks; and Okuetsu Kōgen Prefectural Natural Park.

Fukui is one of the less populated prefectures of Japan; in September 2015 there were an estimated 785,508 people living in 281,394 households.[6] As seen in most of Japan, Fukui is facing the problem of both an aging and decreasing population; 28.6% of the population were over the age of 65 in July 2015[6] and the population has decreased 2.6% from the 806,000 measured in the October 2010 national census.


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Sports Day

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Yesterday, we attended Sports day in the school of my son. It was fun and exciting. Here’s some of the pictures and video.



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Japan House Build

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Yesterday, we joined the house trip from the maker of Daiwa Corp. one of the big housing company here in Japan. Anyway, we really had fun and nice experience for us. Not like in the Philippines when we had our house tripping there, the house was already built and you can just see the maker of the tag of every corner of the house but we didn’t know how they do it. In Japan, they really explain how and why. This was very helpful for us, especially Japan is the always experiencing nature calamities like earthquake, typhoon, and tsunami. Anyway, all time to was 10am in the office in Minoh, Osaka. Then, we took a bus (they really spend money for renting this bus for us) from Minoh to Nara which is 1 1/2 hrs.


Luckily, this little princess is behave all the way to the factory in Nara. We arrived around 11 something (forgot to check the real time) They we went to their big canteen and we already have our own table and food. And the food is really nice and tasty. Drink all you can, my kids love the food and we are full.

Of course, before we go to the factory and explain the way they build their houses. Kids need to go to the kid’s area. Pretty much impress to this factory very convenient.

They will play and do some activities. While we ( husband and I) inside the factory. Sorry, pictures inside the factory are not allowed. Anyway, I just want to tell you guys. That’s why Japan House are very expensive they have this kinda of proof from the earthquake, typhoon and also noise minimize like throwing the ball on the 2nd floor you will hear it a minimal noise.

It was a nice experience to us as a foreigner in this country.


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Osaka Wheel Lalaport

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It’s been awhile since we didn’t visit this place. Now, is the time because the wheel is finished.


Look, how big it was and it was a nice weather to stroll around as well. Well, hot because it was summer, ok! Actually, the highest weather temperature was 41C… very hot and humid.

Here’s the view inside and out. Luckily, made in Japan so, very safe. I’ve made also video see below.

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First Time : Camping

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This is the first time to join camping. I got mixed emotion, while because I don’t know if he can take care of his self. He might get a fight with other children because he’s stubborn kid. He might get into trouble because if he enjoys the thing he’s doing he get crazy on it. Do his cleaning routine to his self. Meaning brush your teeth 3x day, take a bath in a morning and afternoon and when to get sweat wipe in the towel. Always put the mosquito and sunblock lotion. Then, I’m happy that I got to rest because no one is talkative and asking a lot of questions. Btw, he’s a grade 3, a very talkative kid and annoying sometimes asking a question but he already know the answer and he will tell you just confirming if my answer is the same answer that I told him a week ago. (oh boy, patience is a virtue).

We also worried that leader in the camp might not have a long patience to him. They had a camp in Yakayama which is very far from our home and far from the city as well. They do some cooking, planting, playing, fellowship and reading the bible verse. This is for 3 days camp, while he’s away. We spend time with our little princess which we went to the Power of Princess in Umeda area. She also wearing her princess costume.


So far so good, our house has been quite for 3days, my son survive to be alone and I’m proud of him but he got a lot of mosquito bites while everything is intact his cloths and shoes. PROUD to my SON! cheers!



Vacation Bible School

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We attended the Vacation Bible School in our Church. Actually, it was my son’s event, all mothers also have a place to wait for their kids and also some seminar to attend as well. From August 1 to 6, 2016 (9-3pm), which is everyday we have to commute from our house to the church. We walked 5mins from house to bus stop and bus stop to Kita Senri Station around 15mins, walk 2-3 mins going to the entrance of the Train then Kita Senri Station going to Suita Station that’s 15mins and walked going to the Church around 5-8mins. We will reach at the church at exact 9am or sometimes if we my little princess walked fast a bit early on 9am. Anyhow, just imagine the hit of the sun when we are walking the weather is always 33-36 degrees heat. That’s why when summer we don’t usually go out inside our house all the liquid inside our bodies will come out, sweating like waterfalls.😦

Mothers attended seminar about this “Lesson on Children and Learning” IMG_6315

Mothers attend seminar about this “Lesson on Children and Learning” the speaker is a 3rd Gen. Japanese she cannot speak Japanese, She’s Graders teacher in California. She shows us the American Way to teach the kids even their system in teaching.


American Lunch (Hotdog and chips)


we do crafting = “cards”

My princess stick the heart stickers and i just decorate it like a flower pot.


Junko is a children christian singer, from U.S. as well. 


The above pictures (3) we had a cooking lesson from Ms. Linda. What I like about this is the spam mold which I asked Japanese mother if we have here in Japan they said “it was their first time to see that spam mold onigirioh they said it only sold in U.S. I feel sad I want one for bento and my kids loves Spam so much. And also, for picnic food easy to do it.


Graduation Ceremony

And plus, on the first day going home, just near our house then suddenly I slip and fall down on my knees… and here’s the wound my pants ripped off. That’s really hurt so much until now.😥


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