Trying something new is always a bit scary. Trying something hard is even scarier. Negative thoughts arise as to why something is not a good idea. We stew and stall over the image of failing and before we know it, we have talked ourselves out of trying something new. So how does one make the decision to try. You might think or ask yourself …” Is it too financially risky? or “What will be the outcome? or “I don’t have what it takes.” Our hidden potential gets drowned out by the negative, discouraging chatter. Replace the negative chatter with possibilities. What if . . .I wonder if . . . What would it take to . . . Deciding to try could make the accomplishment possible. Deciding to be determined makes the accomplishment a realty. Dare to dream; dare to try; dare to do enthusiastically, and then dare to accomplish in an excellent way.

If you don’t try then we will never know.


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