Learned/Observed/Experienced about Japan

I will just list down what i learned, observed and experienced about Japan, I’ve been here for 5 months from now. 

  • Cars/Vehicles – you won’t see old cars running in the road. I just known that 5 yrs old car is the oldest car in the road. Because Japanese, when they buy car automatic with insurance you can’t buy without it. You need a Parking Permit as well before you buy car bec. gov’t don’t want any cars being parked in the driveway or roads. Insurance of the car by default is 3 years, once the year ended they will inspect if the car is good working condition they can extend to 2 yrs equivalent of 5 yrs, but some usually they trade in to a new one, bec. to extend insurance sometimes is expensive than buying a new car. That’s why all cars are made in Japan. 
  • Train/Bus – incredible they all on time in their schedule.
  • Japanese People – also they are on time. (Sharp time) as some motto said “Time is Gold”, if your working, don’t be late as you don’t have excuse to be late, as the transportation are on time. 
  • Vending machine is everywhere (drinks hot/cold and cigarettes) We went to Kyoto at the Golden Pavilion as in the mountain top and i saw vending machine for drinks, you won’t get thirst after all walking and talking.
  • Hats… hats… hats – most woman here love to wear hats (any kind). If i wear hats i feel like i’m one of the royal family hehehehe.
  • Transfer/New Neighbor – you have to give gifts/token to your neighbors. Like some cakes, sweets, cookies, etc. is like please welcome us in your place or please allow us to say goodbye.
  • Vitamins for kids – as i have 6 yrs old son, he don’t usually eat much so, alternative will be vitamins syrups/tablets. But we can’t find any, most pediatricians here they recommend the food as better that the instant vitamins process. Which is good, right? But, still if someone visiting us from the Philippines we request to buy some vitamins. (cheating lol)
  • Alcohol Drinks and Beauty Products are the only things i know are cheap. 🙂
  • Wedding – you have to pay if your going to attend wedding and take note it was written in the invitation the amount. We just received last time we have to pay 8,000 Yen per person ($81 US Dollar), darn, that’s expensive right, aside from your gift that you going to give.

For now, that’s the first batch i can write about Japan. Oh btw, i’m 16 weeks preggy now, full blown baby and also this coming Sunday (Sept.29) vacation in United Kingdom. I hope, i have this energy to walk and see beautiful building structures of Europe. 


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