It’s a GIRL


As a lot of my family and friends waiting for the result… Its a Girl!
My hubby and I so glad and happy to have a healthy baby Girl.
We promise to have only 2 kids as I’m fragile in pregnancy and my blood sugar is going up again. I should lessen my rice, sweets etc etc and also, i got a big problem in my legs… I hate varicose vein, really they are green, violet and hate most they are embose. The doctor said, it will gone after i give birth oh well hopefully as i can’t even wear shorts if its summer here.

I’m 23 weeks now… Can’t wait to give birth, hopefully it will be easy. But, starting now, i get worried and nervous, thinking if i can’t make it.(Knock on wood) I prayed to the Lord to guide me and give strength in giving birth. My first one is not easy, i can’t explained i’ve been through for 9 months until giving birth.


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