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Kyoto, Japan

Yesterday, we went to Kyoto area to tour my mother-in-law and sister-in-law its a bad day as too much people because its holiday (Golden Week of Japan) and also we only ride train and bus. Not convenient at all if its holiday and also together with my 2mos old baby girl *sigh*


First long trip of my angel. Somewhat happy and enjoyed. She just sleeping the whole day trip. She will wake up when she’s hungry. Good girl, even in the crowded train and bus she’s sleeping if she wake just few minutes then sleep again. Swam of people in the tourist site she just sleeping.

This will be memorable place and day for my 2mos. old angel girl.



We avail the one day bus ticket for the entire day. But, we only visit the two tourist spot as so many people/tourist.(Golden Pavilion and Yasaka Temple) And also, my mother-in-law easily get tired. I get worried to my angel because she don’t have vaccine yet. Better be safe or never. So, we go home early.


Sushi for lunch and Pasta for dinner.
And, my all time favorite softy ice (vanilla-macha flavor) see below pictures.





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