Spider-man 2 movie

I’m a avid fans of the DC and Marvel comics when i was in high school. I collected a lot and wasted my money When Mt. Pinatubo erupted last 1997 i couldn’t save them but i just save some poster but ruin by the rain so, i decided to throw them. Then, i change my collection into a woman magazine which is Cosmopolitan well that’s a different story to tell i mean to write. But, comics really feels me amazed until now, how creative the author are, their imagination really impress me a lot. But, i don’t know why i don’t feel reading novel books not my type i guess that time. I will try this year for new things to start. I want a sci-fi, horror or suspense story. I’ll post if i decided to read a novel books. Wish me luck if i will finish it hahaha.


It was a good movie. I don’t recall spiderman can get sick hehehe. Anyway, spider-man has only one opponent which is the Oscorp company and with their experiments.

Movie will not be complete without POPCORN! With addition Churritos.

We watch it in 3D IMAX. Well, actually my son is the one keeps on telling us to watch this movie. So, annoying we leave my infant baby to my mother-in-law just to watch this movie. It runs 2hrs i guess. And here in Japan, they have to finish until the credits finish when it shows the “All right reserved etc etc” then time to stand up and go out. I don’t know why?


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