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Chinese Opera


Chinese opera (simplified Chinese: 戏曲; traditional Chinese: 戲曲; pinyin: xìqǔ; Jyutping: hei3kuk1) is a popular form of drama and musical theatre in China with roots going back to the early periods in China. It is a composite performance art that is an amalgamation of various art forms that existed in ancient China, and evolved gradually over more than a thousand years, reaching its mature form in the 13th century during the Song Dynasty. Early forms of Chinese drama are simple, but over time they incorporated various art forms, such as music, song and dance, martial arts, acrobatics, as well as literary art forms to become Chinese opera.



They are totally cute. I’ll watch it someday even though i don’t understand. Their is a saying “action is better than words” right? Just like watching show in Tokyo Disneyland for the first time i went there, i don’t understand anything. All i can remember the short greetings like “ohayo”,”konnichiwa”,”konbanwa”,genkidesuka” and the most important one “ikuradesuka”(how much?) hehehehe now, i understand a bit but i’m shy to speak/talk it might be wrong so i better reply in english instead. Well, hopefully i can watch.


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