Everyday meal

I know all mothers out there have the same dilemma. Every morning thinking what should I cook for today. I see to it that I don’t repeat the food I cook last week unless if my hubby or my son requested it. I usually do the alternate days I cooked meat and veggies.

Yesterday i cooked honey chicken with honey bbq sauce. I just read it in pinterest, well, some of the food i made are based on pinterest site (follow me)


Now, we have kabocha (squash) meal which my hubby liked it! Btw, my hubby is a real cook and I get stressed of it when he criticized the taste and the way I cook. But, when he likes it oh I think I’m in heaven.


And i made easy glazed doughnut hole. The first time my son love it. FYI, my son doesn’t like eating sweets and anything that is cold like ice cream, cold juice etc. He has a grandma taste bud. Funny right, he’s the only kid don’t like eating cake and ice cream.



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