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Coconut oil diet challenge

Today yes, today my husband and I we decided to try the coconut oil diet.
Below is my weight today: 63.7 (1/26/2015)


We discover this in pinterest and the feature Japanese tv. Because we don’t really do exercise lazy bum we are, hehehe

Here’s the articles i read about coconut oil.
40 uses and cure
– 100cc in a day if your weight above 80 if below at least 3tbsp how to eat the coconut oil.
coconut oil role

There you go… Good luck to us…


One thought on “Coconut oil diet challenge

  1. Hiya, I have an issue that I can’t seem to put weight on any more no matter what. Some people get jealous but it’s really not that fun… I try doing excersise to build muscle and try to eat more and snack more but I remain less than 60kg! Why is it impossible for me to put weight on? Any tips???


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