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RIP iPhone5 :-(

gosh, I accidentally drop it in the toilet bowl. soooo careless 😦 & clamsy i am… 

yesterday, we went to our telecom provider to check but first. Search the internet how to get rid of the water inside the phone which i did. Some articles I’d read.

Drop iphone in the water
How to dry out?
Which i did all of that buy unlucky me… It didn’t work *sigh* but anyway, we go to our telecom provider to continue and they said you cannot use it anymore. So, we decided to get new one whic is iPhone 6 looking at the plus one but it was quite big I don’t need that coz i have my ipad mini anyway i just want small one to fit on my pocket. 

So good, the telecome manager gave us free galaxy tab for free coz we avail the kids phobbe together with my iphone 6, great! Because my son everytime we go in the grocery or supermarket, he got lost or any growded places as well atleast we will call him on the phone. A simple clam phone only for kids. 


 Softbank 202SH (sorry in japanese site only and this phone is only available in Japan)

And this is our free item, because this telecom they want to make sure we will stay with thier service/company. 

   Galaxy Tab 4
Oh i hope, my phone will last… 


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