The Thumb

Yah, my daughter loves her thumb so much. Just wondering how to prevent/stop this thumb sucking thing.   
I just made cover for his thumb but still she remove it. (Pictures below sorry for blurry she moves a lot)

 They said, I didn’t tried to put pacifier, now she’s doing the thumb sucking. My mom said, I didn’t eat the food I want/like when I was pregnant. I don’t know if its true, that time I just want a philippine mango but is not available here in Japan. Online? No stocks, no luck at all. But, my first baby he didn’t thumb sucking. Btw, she’s already 1yr old and 3mos old. (March 1,2014)

These are some of our thumb sucking stopping tools

No one thing is going to work for everyone, so we want to give you as many resources as we could find!  Check these things out…affiliate links help support Kids Activities Blog.

 Thumbuddy to Love – This is an adorable book about giving up thumb sucking that comes with a puppet and a success chart.

Thumbusters – A thumb covering that discourages sucking.

Thumb Love– A sweet story about a little girl named Lulu who vows to give up her thumb sucking.

Thumb Sucking Glove – Fingerless gloves that are brightly decorated that can remind kids not to suck their thumb.

Thumb Thing – This is a cross between the Thumbusters and the Thumb Sucking Glove.  I love the bright and cheerful coloring.

Goodbye, thumb sucking – Another adorable children’s book about giving up the thumb.

Baby mittens – These can help the habit never get started.

Here are even more great thumb sucking articles for you

Super smart online moms are always a good place to check out.  Here are some resources about stopping thumb sucking.

How Can You Stop Nail Biting and Thumb Sucking? From Aha! Parenting

Break The Thumb Sucking Habit In A Week From No Sleep Til College

6 Tips for Breaking The Thumb Sucking Habit From PopSugar Moms


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