Addicted T.V. Series

Yeah, I’m so addicted with the u.s. And u.k. Tv series now. All new season, I will just list it down (in any particular order) and why I love to watch it. Btw, I love horror which include thriller and suspense, action, comedy, supernatural and sci-fi genre. . 
The Walking Dead – “if you can beat them, join them” buy will change it to”if you been beaten, then you may join them” hahahaha sounds crazy right… But, this is a matter of life and survive. (Season 6 just started) 

Fear The Walking Dead – this was the spin off of The Walking Dead, where the zombies begin. (Season 1 end) they have Web Series on October 24 to be shown. 
Heroes – I’ve been watching this since I was working in Malaysia that was more than 5yrs ago. They returned the series, but different characters. They have special powers or let say gift people, but they are afraid to show to the mortal human they might kill them because they are not human after all. (Reborn series on going)

Z Nation – another zombie series (oh, I love apocalypse thingy, at least we will have an idea what to do and who we can trust in sort trust no one) story, here they have the antidote for the zombies they have to save this person so that the human race will survive. (Season 2 ongoing)

iZombie – another zombie, but this one, they can totally talk to the zombie and think like a human. Kinda weird they are dead but can be human form which they have rat brain some more they brain they eaten some memories they absorb it.

The Flash – super hero thing. I just like this comic adventure. (Season 2 just started)

Arrow – adventures, heroes, but this hero us more on strength. He trained so much in fighting, especially the bow and arrow. (Season 2 just started) they also have a special appearance of Ben of The Flash, vice versa.

Marvels agent of shields – yup, super heroes again. No need to explain the reason I love to watch this series.

Once upon a time – storybook and fairy tale book series ’cause when I was young I love those fairy books or tales to read in our library, but this story has a twist more matured and they all in one series and goal.

The Big Bang Theory – if you like to laugh, this is nice tv series. I’d watched this since I was working in Malaysia that’s 3yrs ago. I highly recommended to watch this. (two thumbs up)

The Vampire Diaries – oh yeah, no more Elena (Nina) in this season, I don’t know if they still pull off the story of this series. But, it’s ok, I still watch it because of Damon Salvatore and the brother of Elena (Jeremy). 

The Originals – spin-off of The Vampire Diaries, where the Vampires started. Vampires versus Witches not Werewolf.

Sleepy Hallows – I just like the main cast Capt. Crane (Tom Mison), as usual love the supernatural thing.

Supernatural – nothing beats the Winchester brothers to fight against the Devil/Evil. 

CSI Cyber – love how the technologies play here. 

NCIS – about solving the crime from the Naval Officers.

American Horror Story – it says all the titles, Horror series. 

I just started to watch the new series below, somehow a bit promising yet, let say if I get bored or slow pacing scenes I might not to continue to watch it.

Limitless – from the movie, about the drugs that you can do anything.

Minority Report – from the movie again, (Tom Cruise) I like the technology in here very advance. Crime fighter before it occur.

Comment if you like to recommend me a series that you already watched. Thank you for dropping by. 


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