New Resolution 2016

 Yeah, I still believe in this… That someday we will be proud of ourselves if we did those resolutions for this year. It’s been a while I didn’t post any blog before the end of the year 2015.
First of all, my followers and likers… I just take this opportunity to greet you all a Belated Merry Christmas and a Happy New Year.  
My new resolution (just like in the school, lol)… Time Management is the best word for me, I though Time Management is for work only, now I realized it was applicable to our daily lives as well.

1. I should schedule the cleaning in our house every morning because, Whenever i schedule in the afternoon I get lazy to do it and i will say to myself i’ll do it tomorrow instead by then, sometimes I almost forgot. (Sign of my age, forget sometimes)

2. List down the groceries and my to do list for the day

3. Post blog at least once a week

4. Do exercise before cleaning the house in the morning

5. Eat healthy food (this is very tough for me, challenge accepted!)

6. Study my japanese at least 1hr everyday (so, that i won’t forget especially my kanji :-()

7. Sleep at least 6-7hrs at night

8. Manage to have time for  sewing, knitting,crochet and crafting.

So, this is my 2016 new year resolution wish me luck… Let’s do it!!!


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