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Winter dilemma

I just list down some of my dilemma when it’s winter.

 1. Hard to dry cloths – yup, we don’t usually use the dryer in winter because sometimes it shrinks our clothes. The sun don’t usually shine at winter if its shine, but not totally hot some more and it’s windy.
 2. Heater – let’s say 12hrs a day or more (good luck to our electricity bill) once your body at ease in the heater when going out too cold, our body temperature won’t shift immediately. 

 3. Heavy cloths/ layered cloths (heat tech inner cloths) too much to wear. A problem if you’re going to buy cloths you get lazy to fit it and the end you won’t buy it.

 4. This all the problems of all… Lazy to get up. 

 5. Doing exercise without sweating at all.

 6. Accessories (ring, bracelet, earrings, etc.…) it will cover by the way so no need to wear at all. Earrings sometimes it tangles in my scarf.

 7. Shoes/Boots – hear in the Japan some restaurant you have to remove your shoes and also inside the house of a friend/neighbors.

 8. Dry skin – change lotion and moisturizer (oh waste money) 


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