Creative Weeks

Yup, I had great time sewing of old cloths in short refashion or let say repurpose this past days or weeks (my fault I didn’t post any blog) anyway, I would like to share some links that I’ve done with our old cloths.
Old jeans to bag  

Jeans/pants repurpose 

 • Jeans bag

 • Denim backbag

 • Recycled denim

I really love this bag, I never believe I made this far… Love it. Check below line for instructions   

 • Weekender bag

I’ll use for my daughters stuff when traveling.
I just also a plastic bag organizer link below  

 • Plastic bag dispenser

I used all the stash cloth.
My jeans need to hem/adjust waistline / make in skinny as well… No bell button pants anymore link below to guide you. Sorry, I didn’t took a pictures busy arranging my closet as well. 😦

 • Denim sewing projects

 • Denim refashion

 • 10 diy clothing

My daughter getting taller but what will I do to her cloths so I did this below
Amazing, I like the result so, everything I need to lengthen her cloths and dresses.


I hope above links will give you ideas to recycle, repurpose and refashion what we have in our house.

Oh next we have to travel, just within Japan. Birthday celebration for my daughter and hubby.


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