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Travel Packing

Travel packing sometimes is so difficult that you want to just carry 1 luggage for 2 weeks vacay or when it’s winter those very thick jackets some more you have to bring extra just in case it will rain, heavy snow etc. (unpredictable weather).

But, in my case, i got 2 kids (1 toddler and 8yrs. old boy). I have to put all our cloths in 1 lugger and we will travel to a snowing part of Japan. You have to keep the kids warmest of all. Need to pack  (heat tech) inner cloths and so thick jackets. I tried to check on my favorite site which is the the travel tips. I found below some sites for those struggling in packing for travel.

Those site just give me some ideas how to pack and be creative to mix and match your cloths. Anyhow, what i did to our travel suitcase which i need to put all our cloths in one suitcase. First list down, by categories : my daughter cloths plus Feeding bottle, boy cloths, my cloths, medicine (we have to be ready), Gadgets and toiletries.

Then, list down in specific things to bring, so that we won’t over pack. Like jackets list down how many to bring for yours and kids, shoes, inner cloths etc. etc.  too hard but, we have to pack that was needed to our trip. No overpacking some more when we go some places/trips sometimes we buy stuff there so, another stuff to put inside the suitcase so need some space. Hand carry sometimes is too difficult when you have kids with your.

So, i hope it will help you or get some ideas how to pack when traveling with kids.




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