Fashion apps addicted

I want to share the apps I was addicted with, this apps if you are into a fashion thingy. I enjoyed it a lot, while watching TV or resting. For me, is a stress release… 

Covet Fashion in Apple store ( i don’t know if this available in Android)

This is the front page (above)

Home, swipe to left see all the fashion style the player dress it in the theme.

At the right corner (facing to the monitor) you can see $, ticket and diamond.

$ and Diamond for buying clothes, jewelry, shoes etc. 

Ticket to join the challenges the limited time  and jet set. (See below picture)

You need to vote to earn ticket and joining the challenges you can earn $ and diamond.

When joining the challenges you will see below picture the requirements to wear and the ticket to be needed and reward. 

Here’s my profile above. I hope you can join me playing this apps. 

Btw, you can also buy it online the clothes in the apps it will direct you to their sites.
disclaimer: I’m not paid to ads this apps, I just enjoying playing or using it. And also makes me easy to choose clothes to wear, hehehehe.


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