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Convenience Store in Japan

When I got first in Japan, of course everywhere this is a convenience store same in the other country but not in Japan. I got amazed, when you enter into their convenience store totally different. I was not expecting that much. Now, we have a newly opened convenience store nearby.

First, you can use toilet and it was clean. hehehe… In Japan, they call those convenience stores to “conbini”


And, The Food from Breakfast to Supper. There’s a lot of variety food, is like a mini-food court and you can eat inside as a mini canteen.






Freshly cooked food. I told you from Breakfast to Supper they served it! and it was delicious.

What good the “conbini” in Japan. You can use ATM and it has option to switch to English menu screen and compatible with the foreign cash cards.

After, you withdraw you can pay our monthly utility bills to the register.

Photocopier, usually besides the ATM or Magazine and books stand.

Postal Services as well, Have a package that you need to send but there is no post office nearby? The answer are the “conbini” stores.

The rest are just the same with the other countries convenience stores.


If you plan to visit Japan, be sure to check out a Japanese convenience store at least once during your stay. It will be an interesting experience that changes your understanding of what true convenience really is!


Disclaimer: Pictures above are not mine. But, I linked the site of the owners.



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