Japan Bicycle

Yesterday, we decided to buy bicycle (bike) for us with toddler seater at the back and also we will ask to repair the old bike of my son. But, sad to say they no longer repair it and it was rusty already, so they give us uption to trade in and just add some cost on the new and updated bicycle for boys.


As you all know, Japan bike is a necessity for the people in Japan. You won’t see any house or family that don’t owned a bicycle. For me, it will take time to learn my Japanese to drive here in japan best way is to just ride this bicycle. Btw, my bicycle is motor or let say battery operated. But, owning a bike/bicycle here in Japan you should know the dont’s and do’s or rather the rules and regulation. Here are the some of it.

  1. Register your bike, just in case it will be stolen even though Japanese people are honest, but still it still regulation. You can report you stolen bicycle/bike to the police and they are serious to find it. If someone did, riding or using it not registered to their names they will pay the penalty, which i don’t know yet.
  2. Riding tandem on a single-seater bike, while its no problem for anyone over the age of 16 to ride a bicycle fitted with a child seat (that one i have above). it’s against the law for 2 people to balance on a bike designed for 1 rider.


3. Calling, texting & other phone use, just like when driving a car is dangerous when talking on the phone as well. You have to stop at the side of the road and do whatever you want to do with your phone.

5055516214. Holding an umbrella, you’re not in the circus to do this, well, I have seen some of the oldies doing it. Dangerous you will lose control the handle of the bike and some more when the wind blow it might out of the balance. Just wear raincoat has been just usual and common in japan when riding a bike/bicycle.

japanese-businessman-rides-a-bike-while-holding-an-umbrella-past-a-fnewbw5. Wearing Earphones, oh, I’ve seen a lot of these days more on teenagers. It’s important of all time to be aware of your surroundings, anything that may prevent you from hearing an approaching car or a pedestrian about to cross your path is potentially dangerous. Anyway, just enjoy the view and nature blowing winds, leaves swaying and also in Japan they don’t horn because horning is rude for then. They really get mad when you horn someone.


6. Riding without a light at night, Usually, the standard to the bicycle are the reflector. But here in Japan, they want to have a front light attached to your bike/bicycle is forbidden; and one of the police pays attention when conducting evening spot checks. And of course, visibility at night time is a serious concern.


7. Riding side by side, just like walking side by side, cycling, traveling in parallel take up a fair amount of space preventing incoming or cyclist from passing.

8. Obstructing pedestrian, some area do not have dedicated cycle lanes. Cyclist often find themselve to share narrow pavements with pedestrian and the chances of either getting other’s way is high. In the case, where a cyclist’s path would just give way or stop to the people walking.

8things_bike_stop9. Cycling under the influence, Don’t drive when you’re drunk. Right? No need to explain this more as you all know what will happen.


I just love my new ride…and ready for the rainy season.





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