First Time : Camping


This is the first time to join camping. I got mixed emotion, while because I don’t know if he can take care of his self. He might get a fight with other children because he’s stubborn kid. He might get into trouble because if he enjoys the thing he’s doing he get crazy on it. Do his cleaning routine to his self. Meaning brush your teeth 3x day, take a bath in a morning and afternoon and when to get sweat wipe in the towel. Always put the mosquito and sunblock lotion. Then, I’m happy that I got to rest because no one is talkative and asking a lot of questions. Btw, he’s a grade 3, a very talkative kid and annoying sometimes asking a question but he already know the answer and he will tell you just confirming if my answer is the same answer that I told him a week ago. (oh boy, patience is a virtue).

We also worried that leader in the camp might not have a long patience to him. They had a camp in Yakayama which is very far from our home and far from the city as well. They do some cooking, planting, playing, fellowship and reading the bible verse. This is for 3 days camp, while he’s away. We spend time with our little princess which we went to the Power of Princess in Umeda area. She also wearing her princess costume.


So far so good, our house has been quite for 3days, my son survive to be alone and I’m proud of him but he got a lot of mosquito bites while everything is intact his cloths and shoes. PROUD to my SON! cheers!




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