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Japan House Build

Yesterday, we joined the house trip from the maker of Daiwa Corp. one of the big housing company here in Japan. Anyway, we really had fun and nice experience for us. Not like in the Philippines when we had our house tripping there, the house was already built and you can just see the maker of the tag of every corner of the house but we didn’t know how they do it. In Japan, they really explain how and why. This was very helpful for us, especially Japan is the always experiencing nature calamities like earthquake, typhoon, and tsunami. Anyway, all time to was 10am in the office in Minoh, Osaka. Then, we took a bus (they really spend money for renting this bus for us) from Minoh to Nara which is 1 1/2 hrs.


Luckily, this little princess is behave all the way to the factory in Nara. We arrived around 11 something (forgot to check the real time) They we went to their big canteen and we already have our own table and food. And the food is really nice and tasty. Drink all you can, my kids love the food and we are full.

Of course, before we go to the factory and explain the way they build their houses. Kids need to go to the kid’s area. Pretty much impress to this factory very convenient.

They will play and do some activities. While we ( husband and I) inside the factory. Sorry, pictures inside the factory are not allowed. Anyway, I just want to tell you guys. That’s why Japan House are very expensive they have this kinda of proof from the earthquake, typhoon and also noise minimize like throwing the ball on the 2nd floor you will hear it a minimal noise.

It was a nice experience to us as a foreigner in this country.


Have a great day!




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