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Nursery School in Japan


Time flies… my little princess will be going to school next year. September we’ve been inquiring already for the school year entrance. We gathered all the documents and this is the first time that we just know now is for a raffle. If your name I mean my daughter name has been pick then, we can enroll it to that school.


So, what we did, we gather all the raffles date of all nursery school nearby for at least my daughter will have more chance to enroll next year. This is quite interesting, raffle not a first come, first serve basis when enrolling your little munchkin’ in the school in Japan.


We waited for the dates of the raffle/draw of every school, but the two schools we inquired have the same dates for the raffle seems we have to separate my hubby and me for the two schools. My sensie (actually my son’s sensei (teacher) in Japanese language and tutor for my son) accompanied us near our house school while my hubby alone in the other school. We waited until all the parents/ guardians are in before proceeding the draw. Luckily, in the nearby school our number has been picked, before paying the reservation, we waited our hubby if my daughter’s name has been pick in the other school, no luck at all.

The school of my daughter near by the house not totally near we will have to send her thru bicycle everyday that’s the catch becuase the school bus they don’t have route in our area. So, I have to send my daughter everyday in the school around 15mins by bicycle. I don’t bother anymore making bento (Packed lunch)for her not like my son’s nursery school I need to make bento. Anyway, good luck for my little princess and me as well, rain, shine or snow need to send her in the school for the next year.

Now, we know that too many kids in our area but few nursery school. (Japan, Osaka Prefecture, Minoh City) First time, to experience as well the draw/raffle in the school.


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