Our Christmas in Japan

First of all… A very blessed Christmas to all our extended families and friends from all of us here in Japan! Let God’s bountiful blessings be upon all of us!


Every year we celebrate our Christmas with our friends and treat them as our family too. Because we are far from our real family in the Philippines. We prep a Pilipino dishes…


From Above to below pictures: Putanesca Pasta, Homemade Ham, Brussel Sprouts, Macaroni salad, Caldareta, Shepherd’s pie and Sinigang fried chicken.


For the Dessert: Massive chocolate cake, Ube (Purple Yam) and Tiramiso. All Homemade of my Hubby.

and ofcourse, 12 midnight the opening of the Christmas presents/gifts… See those faces of my kid how happy they are.

The following morning Dec. 25, we had a Christmas Breakfast in our church…

then, after our breakfast we attend the Service.


Look how happy my little girl with this candle… because every time she seen a candle light she’s thinking it was her birthday but actually their is a birthday child Jesus. We just thanking all the blessings that we had and for the entire years to come. Once again Merry Christmas to all!!!


Thank you for visiting my blog. Have a great day!








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