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Adorable Mickey Mouse

While cleaning my hard drive (external) I can’t resist to post these pictures of adorable Mickey Mouse creation.

This is stunning, studded mickey mouse love them all. Great for collections, right?

Black and Blue Mickey mouse            &                    The Creation of Mickey Mouse


Elvis Mickey Mouse

Abstract and the Angel & Demon Creativity

(upper left to right) Skull Design, Pinwheel, The Stoneage last the checkard

The Workers

Girly Creation


No words to describe 😀 so creative…


Junk Yard Theme


Shopping Mall / Depeatment mall theme

upper left to right: Paper Mosaic, Porker game, another paper creativity and diamond design

so girly creation

Their imagination are so impressive.

Film category

Another Girly Creation

Branding Theme

Gangster Theme

Studded Creation

Lovely Creation… Stunning!!!

Thank you for visiting my blog. Have a great day!




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