2018 Bullet Journal

Yes, I just embrace the trend but, I’m not yet used to it. But, I just spend a day or two to gather all the ideas in the bullet journal. Anyway, I didn’t buy yet the expensive book for bullet journal notebook (like Leuchtturm1917MoleskineRhodia Webnotebook, Midori MDMiquelriusNorthbooksEssentials Grid-lined) so, I didn’t spend money for these expensive books.  Just look some notebooks in the bookstore or stationary or even in Office supplies store near you. I just being practical as a mother perhaps for those singles they can. Anyway, First I bought the one near in our house I already made some sketches then suddenly, I went to Muji store then I found this which is much more sheets and the paper is much thicker than the one I bought near our house.


It was a dotted line same with the Bullet Journals thing. Anyway, it didn’t break my wallet and I use these pen:  Pilot Frixion Pen, Zebra Sarasa Pen and also Pilot Frixon Highlighter. It’s up to you if you want to use other pens that were comfortable to write on.

This was my first To-Do-List Notebook. I think I started Last 2 years ago (mid-of-the-year) until I shifted to the short of Bullet Journal (2017) see below picture.


2017 Bullet Journal


Calendar (in Japanese) & Future Log (Events, Birthdays, Holidays etc.)


Bucket list (Places to go)

Some of those bucket list I already go… Happy!

When did I last… Change the bedsheet, wash rugs, change bag, change toothbrush and etc. this is was helpful for me but sometimes I forgot to write it down. I better continue to do this.

Household chores … Well, in my next journal it will be in the Tracker. But, perhaps it might not last it. Becuase, we are going to moved to other city and much bigger house with a garden. (soon I’ll post it)


My first tracker

TV Series and Movie to watch (which I also include it in my next year bullet journal.

And, I just a lot of my Daily Log Layout. Perhaps this year too. Depends, on the mood I guess.


I also put some tabs mark for easy access but I think I won’t use this anymore for my next bullet journal

Anyway, let get into my new Bullet Journal 2018.

(left facing your screen, of course) the old sketch I made with fewer sheets. (right) Muji notebook, But, I’m out of stickers that I made last time. I use calligraphy ink my fault I didn’t test first before I write it down. I have marks, other pens as well ghosting at the back of the sheets.

(top) old sketch (bottom) Muji Notebook revise the design to a cactus plant.

Brain Dump: anything goes. Weight Lost tracker hopefully it will work… (top) old sketch (bottom) Muji notebook, I was struggling drawing this silhouette.

(top) old sketch (bottom) Muji Notebook. Online Purchase, who the hell person don’t love searching and buying Online (not a human, hehe just joking) even though your not buying it you still search it online how much the price, right? Oh, Dream log, my dream is weird really weird… when I’m alone, I had time to read my dream log and I was laughing at myself.  (if your bored try to read it).



I don’t usually monitor my social media, this will be the first time. TV Series of all times, Which is a love so much, I don’t want to miss an episode. 



Movies/Film to watch especially here in Japan they are late to show in the cinema so, I have to track them. 



I also put the December 2017 – 2 weeks daily log to this section because we will have a family vacation this Christmas & new years eve, I can’t bring along two notebooks too much for me to check. I will just migrate some to the details before we leave in the house. 


Monthly spread: Goals & Gratitude I put on this side. Which I think I might continue doing it.


January Tracker: Social Media, Household chores and personal (helpful for me)

Here’s my daily layout: H20 intake, Meals (Breakfast, Lunch, Dinner & Snacks), Vitamins. I just might put the sleep log as well in here than in the tracker.


what I like about the ring type because I can put DIY bookmark instead of the marker tab or washing tape on the sides of the notebook. 

I don’t want to spend my time doing bullet journal I want it simple and minimalist style. Even my pen, I will just use black, blue and red. I also did the Index thing. (see below)

Oh, you can see the mark on the other side of the paper. Maybe I will just use ballpen, not a gel pen. I also did some quote on the cover. That’s it! We will see at the end of the year if there will work out for me too much information to fill it. Especially, I might be busy in the few months because of moving to other cities a bit far from where we are now.

Thank you for visiting my blog. Have a great day!







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