Online Shopping

Hey guys!

Have you experience all those popping up online shopping sites/apps even when your browsing on your Facebook site. Then, have you tried it to purchase those sites that are not that well known? Be true to yourself, because no human being who is not doing online shopping, just kidding. Well, let’s face it… it was convenient for us. Especially me, We have to walk to reach the bus, then you have to wait for the bus. It was a waste of time right? On your phone or computer, just one click away. Tada! Tomorrow, it will delivery or  2-4 days unless if you’re not in a hurry to use the item. So, convenient nowadays.

So, tell me… (to my visitors & followers) what sites/apps are you using when shopping online. See my list below:

  2. Tokyu Hands
  3. Omni7 – consist of the following: Seven Net Shopping, Seibu no e, Ito Yokado, Akachanhonpo, LoFt (this is my favorite: kawaii stationary), & Denny’s (Restaurant)
  4. Rakuten
  5. Craft Heart Tokai – my craft store
  6. Wish, Cute & Home – they all cheap but, don’t expect they have good quality etc.

And, some clothes branded names that they have the online shop like below: (just make sure you know your size)

  1. Uniqlo
  2. GAP
  3. Right-On – clothes (kids to adult)
  4. H&M
  5. Forever21
  6. GU
  7. ABC Mart – all about shoes
  8. Aeon – department & supermarket store

Every single site above, I tried and tested but most of those sites are in Japanese. Sorry for the inconvenience but they have pictures so, cute to browse/look. Some sites available to ship outside Japan.  Let me know in your country if you also have some collections online shopping sites like me. Please comment below.


Thank you for visiting my blog. Have a great day!




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