Organize (Kids Room)

As you all know, that we already moved to our new house and I was so obsessed with looking for a storage either boxes (plastics, carton, fabrics, etc.), drawer, cabinets to organize everything from Living, Kitchen, Rooms, Pantry etc etc. Now, I realized that having a big house with lots of cabinets with drawers built-in I get dizzy looking for the stuff I want to get. So, I plan and organize if I will make or buy storage and label all the things inside the box especially when it’s not transparent. Sometimes, I will draw what is inside or picture much convenient. Here are some ideas I’ve been copying (I’m a copycat) but as long as posted on the internet is was free to use. Anyway, I will just link their sites as well.


I get this from the 100Yen Shop (Dasio or Seria in Japan of course)

I put their Stuff toys so that I don’t pick them up every day. I just ask my kids after they play they must put their toys in the hamper or else I will donate or throw them away. (just kidding so that they can keep their toys everytime they finished playing)

Small Toys

Small toys that are free from fast food (usually) and gacha-gacha

Once again, 100Yen Shop I stored their small toys that usually free from the fast food chain and gacha-gacha… see below pictures what I am talking about.

Ikea Box

Ikea Kids Box more toys to store

My son has a lot of toys so we bought this as a color coding toy. The Blue is for his Lego, white for cars, hot wheels, anything with the wheels and the last green are for his dinosaurs collections. (oh name it any dinosaurs he knows it but if you ask him the Multiplication table gosh, everything forgot it. hehehe)

Metal Rack

Universal Rack

This one which we bought it in the Philippines before we decided to stay here in Japan. By that time it was free because of my husband work/job. Anyway, This rack is universal. You can use it in the kitchen (we use this when we don’t have cabinets in our old house (Osaka), pantry as well you can store a lot. Now, we are using it as Kids Bookshelf and also some toys (big and long) as it won’t fit in the container.



I usually use this to post their schedule and put some remarks as well as “Clean the Mess!” Yup, I always put that in my sons’ message/schedule board as we call it.

Book & File

Files Organizer

I love this item a lot, I got mine as well in my craft room. Anyway, everything is here. Files, Papers from the schools, Pencil Holder, Paper clips and others. I love this item.


This is just a simple thing that I bought for the kid’s room. Becuase their room has the built-in desk and their bed is in the loft so, Loft for sleeping and below for studying and playing as well. Their clothes, inside the walking closet. Everything was hung and fold inside the drawer/cabinet, I put labeled in each drawer so, that they won’t ask me anytime (where is ? even though I was inside the shower or toilet). We don’t want a lot of furniture as it might get crowded into the room of the kids. They like more space to play. Simple organized yet so convenient and no waste of time pick-up toys for the kids every day.

Thank you for visiting my blog. Have a great day!





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