TV Series (Currently watching)

Since I give up my career to be a plain housewife. That’s been 5 years now. If I get tired of watching Japanese drama and variety shows. I switched watching US TV Series. I’m just watching them when I’m just doing my knitting, crochet, lettering/calligraphy, doodles and doing my bullet journal. As long as I just steady sitting. So here’s the list below.

Supergirl (Season 3) just returned to the TV, cousin ofSupermann (Ka-lel).


Krypton (Season 1) New series in the TV, seems promising. All about Krypton planet before the Father & Mother of Superman. His grandpa need to stop destroying the planet Krypton


The Flash (Season 4) – the fastest man on Earth, he can’t beat Devou the Brainic.


DC Legend of Tomorrow (Season 3) – “They are not the hero but a legend” as they speak.


Arrow (Season 6) – Oliver Queen from Vigilante to Politician. And his having a difficult time with his own life.


NCIS (Season 15) I’m so amazed at solving a crime like going to the lab, doing some fingerprints, looking DNA test etc.


Lucifer (Season 3) This series a bit twist of an angel brought down the earth and partner of a Defective in LA. Yup, solving the crime again. They have same director and producer of NCIS & those CIA Series )


The Big Bang Theory (Season 11) – I just love the script of this series. Actor and Actress are more comfortable to each other when they spill all the jokes and nagging.


Young Sheldon (Season 1) New Series, Life of the boy named Sheldon Copper. Adorable boy.


The Walking Dead (Season 8) – is this the last season? I’m still curious about the ending.


Marvel’s Agent of Sheilds (season 5) – yes, I just love watching heroes, superpowers, mutant, sci-fi series. This group has been searching to save the planet earth.


Supernaturals (Season 13) – I’ve been watching this since I was working in the Philippines (start), then 5 years working in Malaysia, now in Japan. I just love this series. But PG 18 they are a gruesome episode, killing, sex etc.


The Magician (Season 3) searching their lost magic.


MasterChef Junior (Season 6) They are so adorable and talented kids. I so envy them the way to put a menu without the written recipe on their eyes.


iZombie (Season 4) Many zombies that can be with the human being but a problem of lucking of brains.


Naked and Afraid (season 9) – For 21 days without clothes & food in secluded places (Forest, Mountain, lakes, Island etc.)


Beyond (Season 2) For 12 year in a coma, this kids just wake up with superpowers.


Silicon Valley (season 5) – Pied Piper finally has enough funding for proper offices and new employees, and to bring its peer-to-peer internet to the world. But struggling some of their competitors.


Shadowhunter: The Immortal Instruments (Season 3) – Derived from the movie. Fighting from their clans. (And they are good looking and pretty) 🙂


Fear the Walking Dead (Season 4) – Morgan of Walking Dead Cast is here. (Ep.1)


I just knew, I just love watching survival series and the crime scene. I think this is the new genre I like.  Let me know if you have interesting series that you can recommend me to watch.

Thank you for visiting my blog. Have a great day!




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