Cleaning Strategy

As you all know, we transfer to a bigger house and with garden (if your new to my blog just read my previouse post here ) As a mother, one of our dilemma will be how to manage to clean the whole house. So, as usual, we have to check the internet. So, I run over all the ideas, and opinions, especially to the stay-home mom and also for the busy mothers out there. I compiled it what is better to do clean, easy and time wisely.I don’t want to clean the house entirely in just one day. Yup, I hate cleaning. We have to prioritize first the one we always use, like sweeping and mopping the floor (esp. the kitchen) because of water drops whenever they get something and they wash their hands in the sink. De-clutter, pick-up all those unwanted stuff in the living room, dining, kitchen etc. That’s my first thing to do every morning. (De-clutter, Sweep, and Mop) Check all the sites below for your information.


This schedule above I find it useful (click the link here for more information) some items not related to our house but, still I find it useful.



More information click here. At least, in this ideas above, your can figure out which comes first and last. So, this time it will be scheduling. I incorporated my bullet journal in cleaning the house. Here’s the some ideas below for house chores schedule.

They usually use by area. (More details : click here)





So, mine just simple weekly house chores in my bujo (Jan-June 2018) I usually put on my ultimate tracker from Housechores, Social Media and Personal.

Tracking also when was the last time I change… then, my weekly/daily cleaning routine.

They all same style for except the May month. I don’t like it so, I’m back with this style. But for my July is different. (sort of).


Bullet Journal really helps me to do everything in place. Because you will just focus the day that you’re written on your daily routine. As a woman sometimes we sort of forgetting something and also how to compress your time from cleaning, kids, social media and also my gaming time (kids at heart) as you sit in front of the tv. You find yourself productive even though you didn’t notice it. Right? Anyway, I will do separate post again regarding my bullet journal supplies (budget friendly).

This is my everyday cleaning routine. Some heavy stuff like doing floor wax my hubby takes the charge he will do it every month, cleaning the car and storage outside.

Before I end. Hopefully, this will help you to do your everyday cleaning routine and here’s some tips from Nifty on Buzzfeed .



All in for house cleaning, social media, health and personal. 


Thank you for visiting my blog. Have a great day!






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