Bujo Supplies Trip

Before buying supplies for my Bullet Journal. I always ask myself if I need it or just to buy it. Sometimes, I’m compulsive buying I want it but I don’t need it. And, they so cute and you wanted to buy it. I admit it I got stocks of stickers, pens (only once use then it will be dried out), notebooks, stationaries etc. and especially I almost forgot that I have already then, I will buy again. Here’s my solution. Well, using my bullet journal I list down my supplies from Pens, Highlighters, Gel pens, papers, brushes, watercolor etc. then, I will list down what I need. It really helps me much. Then, I put it on my board so that it won’t stack longer. My life gets easier for this. And, also if I forgot my bujo I usually take pictures of what I listed.

I love going to the school, office and stationaries supplies in every mall we go.

I want to try the Pilot Juice they said it was good pens for bullet journal and taking notes.

I love washi tapes but, I already got like more than 30 rolls (glitters, metallic, vintage, cloth) so, I just snap pictures and walk away. Their post it in Japan it was insanely cute. I can’t take out of my sight to check all of them. Then their tiny stamp so awesome. But, I don’t really use the stamp but, will see if I can use them for my bullet journal. I usually do handwrite and I do my own stickers also.

Japan Bullet Journal and the Rhodia Bullet Journal. The color of the paper was cream and white (Rhodia) also their dots. I’m planning to buy Rhodia but this Japan bujo is looked sort of same as Leuchturm1917 because of the Index & Contents.

Moleskin notebooks they really like to attract buyers because of their designs. Which is true, which I want to buy the Peanuts and Wonder Woman but, I’m still thinking if I need it. I took some videos of this supplies. Please check below.


Thank you for visiting my blog. Have a great day!




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