Christmas Day

Christmas Day celebration with our fellow church mate. Thanksgiving as well, for giving us bountiful grace and blessings. Hoping we can also repay it, by worshipping him. It was, great fun, laugh and worship with our sisters and brothers in Christ.


We serve tasty food



BBQ Spare Ribs

Christmas Ham


Tokwa Con Lechon


Releanong bangus

Chicken Spicy Bulgogi

Olives Antipasto


Crispy Pata & Rice


















Of course, our Christmas Cake

Chocolate Pound Cake

White Chocolate

Here are the other desserts.







Braso de Mercedez


with my lovely daughter with the cake.

My post is totally late. I hope you understand that Holidays are the days we can spend more of our family and friends. I don’t have time to post and edit videos as well. But, I’m sure if you follow me in my Instagram account you will be updated. Where we spend our Holiday vacations.

I hope you like it, Thank you for visiting my blog.





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