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Dandruff problem

Every year I am suffering from this flaky scalp, but only when winter. Just the start of getting cold. My scalp can’t adjust the temperature. The hot shower then the cold breeze wind or air for sure this will start to snow in my head. (snow I mean white flaky skin from your scalp) Well, I need to do something about it. Usually, I just cover it with the bennie or any hats so, it won’t see the flaky thing in my head/hair.

what is dandruff?

Dandruff can have several causes, including dry skin, seborrhoeic dermatitis, not cleaning/scrubbing often enough, shampooing too often, psoriasis, eczema, sensitivity to hair care products, or a yeast-like fungus. Dry skin is the most common cause of flakingdandruff.

First, I usually change my brand of shampoo and conditioner. I don’t stay in one product because when my scalp gets used to it for sure this will definitely start flaking especially if I just scratch a bit my head. So, what I did I try the one in the Pinterest post for natural remedies of dandruff.

I love winter than the summer but the problem is my scalp so sensitive. Anyway, I tried and tested the following natural remedies or let say DIY’s

  • Aloe Vera and Onion juice – the smell and my teary eyes. Tried but sorry I didn’t work out. Still flaking scalp.
  • Get Rid Dandruff – tried it but it won’t last 3 weeks it comes back after 3 days when I stop using it. (Note: Neem oil/extract never try it becuase I can’t find here in Japan)


But, My husband has been annoyed to me complaining about my dandruff to him. And, everywhere I wore bennie/hats, so he decided to buy online this shampoo and leave on moisturizer. 100% it cured no more flaking scalp and I can wear my black shirt and scarf. I don’t if it’s available to other countries. But, this is it my problem was solved. No more snow on my shoulder.

(left) Leave on Conditioner/Moisturizer which is makes your scalp smell nice and your hair soft and shiny. (right) Shampoo in a small tube. (use it like doing your shampoo, massage your scalp and leave it at least 5 minutes and rise don’t but anything to your hair. No conditioner needed because the leave of moisturizer will do the rest. Now loving my hair shine and no flaky thing.

I search on Amazon, you can check this Fukemin Lotion and Fukemin Shampoo

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2018 Bullet Journal

Yes, I just embrace the trend but, I’m not yet used to it. But, I just spend a day or two to gather all the ideas in the bullet journal. Anyway, I didn’t buy yet the expensive book for bullet journal notebook (like Leuchtturm1917MoleskineRhodia Webnotebook, Midori MDMiquelriusNorthbooksEssentials Grid-lined) so, I didn’t spend money for these expensive books.  Just look some notebooks in the bookstore or stationary or even in Office supplies store near you. I just being practical as a mother perhaps for those singles they can. Anyway, First I bought the one near in our house I already made some sketches then suddenly, I went to Muji store then I found this which is much more sheets and the paper is much thicker than the one I bought near our house.


It was a dotted line same with the Bullet Journals thing. Anyway, it didn’t break my wallet and I use these pen:  Pilot Frixion Pen, Zebra Sarasa Pen and also Pilot Frixon Highlighter. It’s up to you if you want to use other pens that were comfortable to write on.

This was my first To-Do-List Notebook. I think I started Last 2 years ago (mid-of-the-year) until I shifted to the short of Bullet Journal (2017) see below picture.


2017 Bullet Journal


Calendar (in Japanese) & Future Log (Events, Birthdays, Holidays etc.)

Bucket list (Places to go)

Some of those bucket list I already go… Happy!

When did I last… Change the bedsheet, wash rugs, change bag, change toothbrush and etc. this is was helpful for me but sometimes I forgot to write it down. I better continue to do this.

Household chores … Well, in my next journal it will be in the Tracker. But, perhaps it might not last it. Becuase, we are going to moved to other city and much bigger house with a garden. (soon I’ll post it)

My first tracker

TV Series and Movie to watch (which I also include it in my next year bullet journal.

And, I just a lot of my Daily Log Layout. Perhaps this year too. Depends, on the mood I guess.


I also put some tabs mark for easy access but I think I won’t use this anymore for my next bullet journal

Anyway, let get into my new Bullet Journal 2018.

(left facing your screen, of course) the old sketch I made with fewer sheets. (right) Muji notebook, But, I’m out of stickers that I made last time. I use calligraphy ink my fault I didn’t test first before I write it down. I have marks, other pens as well ghosting at the back of the sheets.

(top) old sketch (bottom) Muji Notebook revise the design to a cactus plant.

Brain Dump: anything goes. Weight Lost tracker hopefully it will work… (top) old sketch (bottom) Muji notebook, I was struggling drawing this silhouette.

(top) old sketch (bottom) Muji Notebook. Online Purchase, who the hell person don’t love searching and buying Online (not a human, hehe just joking) even though your not buying it you still search it online how much the price, right? Oh, Dream log, my dream is weird really weird… when I’m alone, I had time to read my dream log and I was laughing at myself.  (if your bored try to read it).


I don’t usually monitor my social media, this will be the first time. TV Series of all times, Which is a love so much, I don’t want to miss an episode. 


Movies/Film to watch especially here in Japan they are late to show in the cinema so, I have to track them. 


I also put the December 2017 – 2 weeks daily log to this section because we will have a family vacation this Christmas & new years eve, I can’t bring along two notebooks too much for me to check. I will just migrate some to the details before we leave in the house. 
Monthly spread: Goals & Gratitude I put on this side. Which I think I might continue doing it.
January Tracker: Social Media, Household chores and personal (helpful for me)

Here’s my daily layout: H20 intake, Meals (Breakfast, Lunch, Dinner & Snacks), Vitamins. I just might put the sleep log as well in here than in the tracker.

what I like about the ring type because I can put DIY bookmark instead of the marker tab or washing tape on the sides of the notebook. 

I don’t want to spend my time doing bullet journal I want it simple and minimalist style. Even my pen, I will just use black, blue and red. I also did the Index thing. (see below)

Oh, you can see the mark on the other side of the paper. Maybe I will just use ballpen, not a gel pen. I also did some quote on the cover. That’s it! We will see at the end of the year if there will work out for me too much information to fill it. Especially, I might be busy in the few months because of moving to other cities a bit far from where we are now.

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Essential Oil Diffuser

Every morning I always on our diffuser. But, I’m getting tired of mixing my oils so, that I did to make my life easier. Re-cycle or let say re-use my empty oil bottle. (I got a lot)

I just write the mix and the meaning of the diffuser in a label sticker. (as seen above)

I use the ring sticker to stick on top of the cup. So, that easy to read because I put my oils in the drawer so, no need to lift them up to read the label.

I just like to share this easy way life with the people who love E.O. like me.

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Meals Dilemma

This a problem for the everyday life of a mom/mother.  Yes, the meal for every day. Especially I don’t have talent cook but I try to or else we end up eating outside food (restaurant) which it might cost much, right? If you cook, the ingredients you might not use it all so you can have a new recipe for the next meal. Anyway, moms out there, how do you do your meals every day.

As usual with the help of world wide web and technology (how convenient it was) I use this Meal planner on my iPad using the RedOven. I scheduled for one week and sometimes a month if my husband is out for a business trip (sorry I don’t have a license yet to drive the car, so hard to go the market using the bus) Anyway, this site or apps really makes my life easier. And, you will see if you going repeat your meal from last week or the other week. What good about this site/apps you can search by ingredients (that you have on hand).


Ideas – to use up leftover ingredients

My Recipe – you can also post your own recipe and share your talent

Grocery List – do I need to explain? just kiddin’ is a Grocery in short

Planner – this is what I like the most.

Try it! You will love this site/apps. Other sites I usually get some ideas for a meal.  As you know, not my forte to cook it was my husband specialty (cooking and baking).


Tastemade – easy to cook food especially if your in a hurry

You can also visit my Pinterest for Food and Baking.

I hope this might help you worrying your day to day food.

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Quiet Time (Our Creator)

I was born in the Philippines. So, usually, everyone here once born in the Philippines automatic your Catholic. And, the Philippines is the only Asian country 80% are Catholics the rest are other religion. Need to baptist and have your first communion at the age of 7 up. That’s the traditional Catholic where my parents are. And, I was in Catholic School from Nursery to High School our superior or let say principles are priest and sisters, some our teachers as well. Anyway, how we have to memorize the Rosary, Commandments and all prayers. Oh, luckily when I was in High School they remove the Spanish language which you have to memorize a prayer in Spanish that’s hard. But, I have learned Spanish to my mom, because they have Spanish blood and they talk, sing and pray Spanish as well when my grandma is still alive. So, even every day we hold, bring and read the bible I just knew that I don’t really get what is the message all about, I just know we have to do it because of our school.  In our real life, we don’t much talk about the religion even to our friends as well, sometimes they disagreed with our belief and faith. Even ourselves do we really know who is our creator is? Because I’m still confused reading passages/scriptures in the Bible sometimes I don’t know what does in a mean. Now, I read the bible once when I think I was in Elementary, while when your kid and you bring the bible that is so big and thick for sure you won’t read. That time they don’t yet invent the pocket bible, electronic etc. that is easy to access now.

In this generation, everything in electronics. Even a prayer from our creator is already available on the internet. So, from elementary, I already forgot the everything I learned about the bible or our creator itself. So, I decided to do my quiet time every day at least read the bible for a 2-4 chapter a day. Which I find this interesting website that you will certainly like it if you confused about your belief and faith.

Where Should I Start? A Beginner’s Guide to Reading the Bible

I started reading the bible last September (2017) It really helped me understand the bible thoroughly not just reading it, I also write some notes or verses that touch my senses.


Every Gospel/Book I finished reading I put some space for the verses that touch me much.

I’m still on progress in reading the bible. (Gospel of Mathew)

Some of the sites will also help you to understand every scripture in the bible to guide.


Prayers that would you like to try as well.

Some of this link is available on my Pinterest account. Please have time to check here.

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Autumn Festival

We just attended Autumn Festival at the school of my daughter which I’m one of the committees. Not many pictures because my husband is the one going around and I need to stay on my post.

She’s ready to her school event

Here’s what we did in the other room which I’m part of it.

The preparation of this event from the 2nd month of the opening of the school until the end. That’s long enough preparation. Anyway, with a 1-month break (summer break). Our team or section we took the Shrinking Dinks and made it a tags or key chain. Anyway, pretty awesome when you watching it shrinking inside the oven toaster. Here’s the instruction (click here). I don’t have any pictures because I was busy with the kids entertain them. But I think my kids enjoy it. Here are some pix and short videos of them.

Above, the pictures of the crowd outside the room I was.

Playing time with my little princess as you know She needs to change to their uniform or else she might not get inside the school. Few pictures because as you know my husband is the one taking care the kids in the event. Anyway, here’s the video he took.

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Autumn Diffuser Collection

Autumn is here! And the weather change drastically which is not good especially if you have kids they catch colds and a cough sometimes running nose as well. Here’s my Autumn Diffuser Collection.

Fall Diffuser

By the way, I’m using Doterra Essential Oil. If you like to know about this Essential Oil check this link.

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YouTube (Last Batch)

Finally, Cleaning my youtube subscribe really see how often I use youtube. So many, some they are inactive. :(. This batch will be anything, various or such meaning for me.

Alexandra – Everything goes

AmandaRachLee – love her work, bullet journal, calligraphy, scribbles, and doodles

ArtistJodySteel – I love her work, she’s really an artist.

Boho Beautiful – one of my morning routine, yoga… and she loves to travel.

Cookies Cupcake and Cardio – I got sweet tooth also. and simple food to make especially dinner.

CuteGirls Hairstyles – I copied sometimes for my toddler hairstyle.

eHow Home – Interior design

Ela Gale – vegan and travel

ExpertVillage– all about Hacks

Fightmaster Yoga – Yoga my morning routine

Freakmo – make-up artist, Fx love her work.

K Werner Design – Making cards, Stamping, Coloring etc.

Kayley Melissa – Hairstyles

Mazic Writer – modern calligraphy

Mr. Kate – Interior Design, room, office, etc transformation

Pieces Calligraphy – modern calligraphy

PsycheTruth – fitness, health, yoga etc.

Relaxing Music and Yoga – music for meditation (somehow you need this one esp. on a daily basis)

Screen Rant –  Movie and TV facts on a regular basis.

TheTalko everything you ever wanted to know about fashion, celebrity lifestyle, fitness, health, relationships and the most interesting random occurrences in 5 minutes or less.

Thoughty2 – creates mind-blowing factual videos, on the weirdest, wackiest and most interesting topics. Combining fascinating lists with answers to life’s biggest questions.

Yanis Marshall – choreographer with heels take note.

Yoga with Adriene – yoga (morning routine)

Hopefully, this will help to find YouTubers that are benefits you not just watching it.

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Youtube Batch 3

I’m here again my cleaning up my subscribed youtubers. Now, I will share with you one of my hobbies. All about needles, thread & Yarn: Knitting, Crocheting, and Sewing. 🙂

AllCraft Channel









How to Crochet


Made Everyday

Then, this will be my weekly hobby which is NAILART!





Demelza’s World



Janelle Estep

Jenny Claire Fox





MySimpleLittle Pleasures


Nailed It NZ

Nails of Promise

Naio Nails

Olga Levchuk




Simply Nailogical



Once again, this is not a sponsored post but I personally share it for you. In case you might be interesting.


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Social Media

Checking my social media some of the people I followed on youtube, twitter, Pinterest, WordPress, LiveJournal, and Instagram is no longer active anymore…. so, now, I have to clean my social media and start to be active again. First thing first was the youtube I was shocked that I followed 308 YouTubers then, I have to check one by one found out some are no longer active more than 3yrs ago other just a year ago and so forth. Anyway, some I have to delete them as no longer helpful for my everyday life (sort of). It was a long way road to clean my subscribe channels. I have to open one by one if what kind of videos they post in their videos. A bit waste of time but at least it will be nice to share with you guys my subscribe channel (youtube) it is useful to yourself.

From 308 subscribe down to 176… great! for now. Anyway, My channel in youtube mostly my family trips and my kids. I seldom post my tutorials and DIY I’m still contemplating if I can dedicate myself in posting on youtube at least once a week (still thinking). I’m still studying how to film it. (on progress) So, for now, I will post a blog.

I sort some of my subscribe channel, I hope this will help you run through.

My first favorite: DIY’s (crafts, arts, home decor, makeup, beauty), Home decor, Organizing, Interior

5-Minute Crafts

Adelaine Morin

Alessandra – Projecto 

Amanda Nicole DIY

Andreas Choice


AnnLee (AnneorShine)

Christine Kobzeff




Dazzle DIY


Dulce Candy






HGTV Handmade

Home Organizing by

Ingrid Nilsen


jessika taynara

Karen Kavett


Mark Montano

Mr. Kate



Sofiya Nygaard

Sea lemon


All those youtube channels just to share, it’s up to you if you want to subscribe. This is the First batch of sharing my subscribed youtube channel.  Some have few followers but for me, it benefits me. Some have millions of subscribers. Anyway, its your own taste which videos you want to watch. This post is not sponsored to anything but for me to share. “Sharing is caring”

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