DIY Album & Messages

It’s been long / delayed to do this craft for my little princess.

First of all, i made a mini album from the garland i made in her 1st birthday if you still remember this (see below).


Materials Used:

  • carton
  • any colored paper
  • ring
  • any ribbon
  • glue gun
  • ring
  • plastic cover
  • hole puncher


The carton just cuts a bit on the edge to make some shape.


i bought this some proverbs store in the Philippines but i forgot which store (sorry).


punch hole on those laminated pictures and also the carton covered with colored paper.


At the back of the covered carton I also made a design so that it will be clean and nice to turn the pages.


The front one, I just use a simple ribbon, bible proverbs which I pasted 2x in the colored paper and cut it to much look nicer. And same sequence to make it lively not that boring.

image(42) image(41)

Cover the carton with the plastic cover to last longer and here’s the finished product (with the background of my daughter) 🙂

Messages Board


Oh, it’s like doing some jigsaw puzzle but this one you need more creative on putting them together.

Materials used.

  • carton
  • white paper
  • washi tape (any)
  • plastic cover
  • tape
  • paste


Cover the carton with the white paper no worries for the mark of the past it may cover in the end of the projects

image(34) image(33)

to look elegant, put washi tape in the edge

image(32) image(31)

Now, this is it… The creative thinking… Arrange those messages inside the carton (Note: the if you will see the flower shape with pink ribbon (edges) I kept this tag from the cupcake of the Christening see below)

alvin (346 of 510)


Cover with the plastic cover to last longer and put some carton with a hole to hang it.

Gift Cards / Tags

It’s just easy, any old picture frame will do. Arrange those gift cards/ tag and then scattered the rest inside and design your frame you prefer.

image(28) image(27)

Viola! another creative we made.

Note: Materials I used above, I didn’t buy anything, all was just my left over supplies and other already available inside our use to be used (e.g. Old frame, carton, ribbon, etc.)


Bought the cardboard in the Daiso (100 Yen) instant design.

image(40) image(39)

put some, pictures and design it… at the back, punch hole in a piece of carton to hang. Cool right!

i hope you like it… Thank you for your time in visiting my blog.



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