DIY Halloween & Christmas Decor

So, cool people really staring our front door for this decor.


Here’s what you need. (all bought it in Daiso which is 100yen shop)

The Wealth:

  • wealth wood
  • yarn
  • balloon (should be a circle)
  • felt (black & white)
  • Washi tape (balloon polka dots)
  • shoelace
  • old newspaper
  • white glue
  • glue gun
  • art paper/colored paper
  • black card board



Put air in the balloon


Oppss not all in Daiso, my Elmer glue which is available of any craft store. Just mix with water and the white glue


Put the yarn (make sure is all wet)


This will look like.


Wait for the yarn to dry

while waiting for the yarn to be dry. Let’s cut the black felt into the spooky eyes, nose, and mouth.

From the left to right (when facing in the screen) Let’s make the wealth. Fold the newspaper into a length twice and wrap the wealth. After that, cut the white and black felt into a strip. Wrap it in the wealth and lastly the washi tape for the white only.

Now, the yarn is dry. Use a pin to put a hole in the balloon to burst and there you have it round yarn now, put the cut felt of spooky eyes, nose, and mouth.


Now, the word “Happy Halloween” Project


IMG_2509 Cut a carton (whatever size you want) see above pictures


Cover the entire carton. but first, make sure you have to glue gun to stay in place.


After you covered and cut the entire papers now, just do fancy lettering for the word “Happy” and “Halloween”


Here’s the finished project

Now, the message board.

Just make you imaginary thing. I used watercolor and fake calligraphy using the black pen.  Next the Christmas decor.



  • carton (any)
  • watercolor and acrylic paint (I mixed it)
  • sequins

It just easy, sorry I didn’t picture cutting them in rounds the carton. As you can see, I use watercolor but too transparent so I mixed acrylic paint instead.


using watercolor you can still see the color brown color

I just put other colors instead of white. I think it was good. Just decorate and arrange them in the way it hangs a Christmas ball ornaments.

The “Merry Christmas” word the reversible of my “Happy Halloween” word.


Bonus, when I was painting my daughter want to paint also.


Here’s just doing scribble paint

She’s so proud of his painting. I just make it an Autumn theme and Thanksgiving message. So, I hope you get inspired of my DIY Decors. More to come to our new house. Hell, of packing things… hate it! But, I love to have our own house that we can actually transform what we like and make holes from the wall for our frames/decor.

Thank you for visiting my blog. Have a great day!