Lipstick pallete diy

I’m tired of my lipsticks that I can’t finish them… So, sometimes I tossed them even thought is not that half of it consumed but that thing is my lipsticks almost 3yrs above stocks. For sure guys, you also have the same dilemma. I’ve just been thinking of mixing them with the other lipsticks which are a bit close to their colors. Below my old small pallete that I rarely used it.

What I did I remove those old/ expired lipsticks (just clean it!)

Just get some lipsticks that you want to mix them. Using an old spoon and tea candle to melt them.

So nice to see how the lipstick colors together, you should mix it using toothpick.

Once, done… Now, carefully pour it into your palette.

Just repeat it the procedure in mix and melt lipsticks.

 Tada! I got my new lipstick palette.

Sorry, something wrong with my lightning in this picture. They just look same color but in reality they are pretty colors.

I tried the crayon lipsticks is a major plus epic failed. Too greasy and no color at all. 😦


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