Mini wall cabinet diy

i just made up mu mind to make a mini craft corner inside my cabinet. why inside the cabinet? Because of my little daughter so curious everything she might get hurt like playing the scissor, or my knitting needle. Better be safe than sorry. Here’s my before and after cabinet re-arrange.  Almost done i still need more time to arrange my sewing, yarn and looms stuff.

You will see i have much space or blank on the wall beside the pink mini pocket. Here’s my mini wall cabinet made of old carton


  • Old carton box
  • Paper sticker with design or you can use wrapper
  • Glue gun with glue stick
  • Scissor
  • Washi tape

 So plain carton

 Some of this old carton

 100yen designed paper sticker, lovely !

 Used glue gun to stick together

 Viola!!! Nice is in it?
I’d like to share my needle holder as well from an old jar and old nail polish.

 I had to go, my daughter just woke up for a long nap…


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