Quiet Book

Here’s my version of quiet book for my little princess… which she’s not yet appreciated yet bec. she’s just 1yr old. Hopefully, when she turns 2 she might be interested to play with it.

I just had idea in my favorite site which is “Pinterest” i love this site so much… easy to search…

Materials i used:

– Felt cloths

– cloths

– zipper

– shoe lace or any laces you preferred

– magic tape or velcro

– thread & needle

– buttons

– snaps

and the rest is your magic hand ( ^_^ )


just made some shapes thru my computer


cut it with the felt cloth (don’t mind my 1yr old daughter, she just make face in the camera)


sew a button hole in the center of the flower and the stem & grass

081 082110

colorful shapes with magic tape/velcro on it…

083 111

Apple Tree with snap and basket


same as the Apple Tree… Grapes & Strawberry with snaps and basket

084 115116

Butterfly with zipper

085     113

Number Caterpillar

117 118

my version of Noah’s Art with finger puppet animals

119 120

Shoe Lace


My FINISHED Project — QUIET BOOK MEI (name of my daughter)

I made this project, play time because she’s so naughty daughter and she always running around. At the same time she’s learning some basics like shapes, colors etc.. and how to zip, button, snap etc…

Until then… take care readers!


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