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Hilton Hotel (Tokyo Bay)


We didn’t know it was fully booked in Disney hotel so we decided to check in at Hilton Hotel (Tokyo Bay). Which is closer to the parks and we can also use the membership to other countries as well.

I just noticed that our ticket was 2017.


What good about our room was huge. We didn’t expect that it was a huge room. We always thought it will be small so we don’t want to expect it in Tokyo area.


The Good thing about this hotel. Kids friendly, because they have place kids to play while waiting, then the free use of Computer, Convenient stores (Lawson, Bake Shop, Cafe etc.) and small Disney Store inside.

Kids really excited to buy, but we decided to walk outside near the station.

And, we found this big Disney Store inside the mall. They all cute so, in love with their merchandise. (especially those bags)

And, my little princess wants to look something to wear inside the park.

Below, a quick tour of the Hotel and also outside the vicinity as well.


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Tokyo Disneyland / DisneySea

Our family trip won’t be complete without the Disneyland. Yup, we still both (my hubby) has a kids heart. As they say, “the happiest place on earth” — Disney.


We are not tired of going here even though there was a lot of people. I don’t know why? do you? As long our kids are happy, we are also happy even though we are tired.

Some of the pictures of Disneyland.

She’s at the Toon Town. While us, we (me and my son) been lining up for the star wars ride for about 1 hour.


Before reaching the Main Entrance, from the Saitama Train Station whether you like it or not, you will pass this big Disney Store.


See, it was a full house at the entrance before seeing the Castle.


This is the back of the castle. (Cinderella Castle)

And, why the hell so many cute stuff the Disney. If only I can buy all of it. hahaha. just kidding. Really they all cute, right?

We only get one fast pass because the line is so fast. The Fast Pass we got was the Winnie the Pooh.

And the rest of the day (and night of course) watching the parade. You can just click below the video I upload in my youtube channel.


The DisneySea, the one we love to go was the Toy Story ride but sad to say it has limited because they will be closed early for some events. So, sad what we usually do just ride the vintage car, boat, and train. And a non-stop walking. (we are prepared for that).


In the Disneyland, the first thing you will see the Castle but here in the DisneySea was this.

Kids just love to take a picture in every corner of this place.


We just watch the Happy New Year Greetings. Below the video in DisneySea. I hope you like it.


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Dinner Cruise

This is our first time to experience the Dinner Cruise in Yokohama before welcoming the 2018 (Dec.30, 2017). We will like to try in the Kobe but we don’t have time to do it. We just meet the friends of ours and eat lunch and that time the kids want to play with their kids. Now, we are now far to that is (Kobe), soon when we have time to visit other ports area in Japan.

The cruise is huge, not like we see in Kobe.

Here’s the boarding area looks like.

So, nice the display and on the side of the boarding area, there is a small stall selling some souvenirs items and some food as well.

Our tickets and we have time to take pictures on the cruise before we board.

This is the inside the cruise and while cruising taking some pictures as well even though so freezing outside.

Here’s the video below.

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Kamiooka Area

When we are staying in a small apartment our my husband we decided to go the mall near the station of Kamiooka Area. That time they are lots of Bargain Sale but we didn’t buy at all because we are preparing for the moving into the new house. We all budgeted all the money for the winter trip and in the new house for sure we have to look for new pieces of furniture and anything to be used in the house. Anyhow, kids hopefully understand that we didn’t go shopping we just eat lunch and check the area only. You can watch the video below.

We also have fun while staying in this place. (as we arrived from Osaka to Yokohama)

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New House

It’s been a while that I didn’t post because we are so busy moving out. Yeah, so many things to settle and need to stop the mail/letters coming to our old house as well. Anyway, here’s our new house.

(front house) with our two kids (happy kids)

We bought this house from the older guy that he also bought it at an auction but he didn’t live in. He just bought it he tough he can manage to sell it alone without using an agent. But, so difficult to sell it without a sales agent here in Japan. It’s been 3 years past before he decided to post it with the sales agent in the net. We really intend to buy a house here in Japan but of course, we have to get that are far away from the central city which is much cheaper. This is was 6months decisions and some, house that we saw or trip in. The road is so narrow and some you have to climb the mountain and leave your car down the mountain and other near the sea. Which this is not safe at all because of tsunami and landslide. Then, finally, we had it. It was a residential area so, quite a neighborhood. Our neighbor here is mostly are old people. Seldom to see young kids if you find one, for sure they just visiting their grandma/grandpa.

Living and Dining, what I like about this are was the built-in rack and cabinets as well.

The Kitchen, well not like the old house we have a countertop. Lovely view on top of our dining.

Toilets and Showers: Separate toilet bowl from the bathtub & shower in the 1st floor with a mini-garden (that’s the kitchen glass door), In the 2nd floor, only a toilet and shower room no bathtub.

We have 3 rooms with the same sizes, 1 for my hubby office whenever he works from home sometimes, he has midnight conference call. Middle room will be my son’s room and last my daughter room. Every Room has a loft so, we decided its bed for the kids and below books and toys. So, we still have the standard room and master room. The standard room I use it for my craft room.

(left) The entrance of the house or Front Door (right) the Master bedroom.

Here are the small details of the house. (left to right) I don’t know that is the use of the faucet yet this is near the front door, we don’t use it yet because we still have filled with newspapers and magazines need to throw. The shoe rack, it fits all our shoes there is more space. Love it! Next, laundry room next to it was the bathroom. In the hallway, we have small storage room, great for my cleaning stuff to store. Next, the mini garden that I told you next tot he bathroom. Stairs from the living to the 2nd floor (3 pictures) lastly, walking closet, it fits all our clothes here and even the luggage as well.

Probably after one month, I hope everything will be in place and well organized house of ours. Before, signing off. What we love about this house is this garden but they need to be removed the big rocks and clean all of it.


I will take pictures and videos once everything in place. Now, they are painting it. Look our house that is wrap in plastics and covered in blue.

Hopefully, this will come up clean and looks brand new. I was amazed with the work of japanese. They also, have this notebook what they did in the house.


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Aomori Trip (青森県)

Our Winter family trip was on Aomori Trip. Which is the one of the coldest place in Japan. From Osaka to Aomori we took a bullet train. (Osaka to Tokyo to Aomori)


We arrived 2pm in Aomoriya Resort. Will stay 4days and 3nights here.

Aomori Prefecture is the northernmost prefecture on Honshu and faces Hokkaido across the Tsugaru Strait. It borders Akitaand Iwate in the south. Oma, at the northwestern tip of the axe-shaped Shimokita Peninsula, is the northernmost point of Honshu. The Shimokita and Tsugaru Peninsulas enclose Mutsu Bay. Between those peninsulas lies the Natsudomari Peninsula, the northern end of the Ōu Mountains. The three peninsulas are prominently visible in the prefecture’s symbol, a stylized map.

Lake Towada, a crater lake, straddles Aomori’s boundary with Akita. Oirase River flows easterly from Lake Towada. The Shirakami Mountains are located in western Aomori and contain the last of the virgin beech tree forest which is home to over 87 species of birds.

As of April 1, 2012, 12% of the total land area of the prefecture was designated as Natural Parks, namely Towada-HachimantaiNational Park; Shimokita Hantō and Tsugaru Quasi-National Parks; and Akaishi Keiryū Anmon no TakiAsamushi-NatsudomariAshino ChishōgunIwaki KōgenKuroishi OnsenkyōNakuidakeŌwani Ikarigaseki Onsenkyō, and Tanesashi Kaigan Hashikamidake Prefectural Natural Parks.[7]

The burning passion of the people who live among the green forest, below the vast sky, and within the short summers.
Aomori Prefecture is located at the northern most point of Japan’s main island, and has two regions, the Tsugaru region where the capitol city of Aomori, as well as the castle town of Hirosaki, is located, and the Southern region within which Misawa city, which contains the Aomoriya, can be found.

Each has its own different history, climate and natural features, and culture.
Find untouched nature, an abundance of foods, alluring hot springs, and our hospitality here.
The passionate emotions hidden within the people born in this region nestle close to the feelings of their visitors and warmly protect them. With these feelings in mind, we work hard with both body and mind to perfect our management of the hotel.
It is our greatest wish that you leisurely relax as you gain a sense of the true essence of Aomori.

The crew/staff here in the hotel very friendly and they speak English too. They are helpful and considerate of all the guests. We had a great time staying here relaxing, even though I’m falling to get sick, luckily they are a hot spring to prevent it. Thank goodness it was gone and continue our trip.

(above pictures) our room… so clean and neat. And, I like the free cookies and coffee which is products of Aomori.

Interesting hallway right, many lights and decoration well some the Aomori traditions which we had a chance to watch it in our dinner. It was fascinating and amazing. I will post the video on other day need to edit first. They have such meaning for all those figures.

In a first day, we did crafting. Draw some horse and scratch the chopsticks.

Aomori has an abundance of traditional handicrafts. A variety of Aomori handicrafts famous throughout Japan, such as Tsugaru lacquerware, Kokeshi dolls, kite paintings, Southern torn strip-style fabrics, Koginzashi needleworks, and more have been passed down here through the ages. Aomori Kobo is a place where you can enjoy traditional Aomori handicrafts and other activities that are very easy to participate in.

(above picture) our overwhelming dinner and a show. Amazing show!

(above picture) Our 2nd Day, which we join a trip to Oirase WaterFall, up to the mountains. Icicle and meters of snows it was very cold.

After the trip, we had time to walk around the area of the hotel. (below pictures)

So, nice to see this frozen lake but not totally ice.

3rd day, we just walk around outside the hotel and we had also hot spring there. Suddenly, snowing and kids love it. After we had dinner, we go outside and borrow some lantern and still snowing and freezing of course. btw, the lantern is so Japanese style (cute)

4th day, our last day we get up early so that we can walk again in the vicinity before we leave.

DSC_4007 - CopyDSC_4010DSC_4014DSC_4021DSC_4035DSC_4038DSC_4047

It was fun and relaxing trip. If you like cold weather like us, better plan your trip in this place.

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Dandruff problem

Every year I am suffering from this flaky scalp, but only when winter. Just the start of getting cold. My scalp can’t adjust the temperature. The hot shower then the cold breeze wind or air for sure this will start to snow in my head. (snow I mean white flaky skin from your scalp) Well, I need to do something about it. Usually, I just cover it with the bennie or any hats so, it won’t see the flaky thing in my head/hair.

what is dandruff?

Dandruff can have several causes, including dry skin, seborrhoeic dermatitis, not cleaning/scrubbing often enough, shampooing too often, psoriasis, eczema, sensitivity to hair care products, or a yeast-like fungus. Dry skin is the most common cause of flakingdandruff.

First, I usually change my brand of shampoo and conditioner. I don’t stay in one product because when my scalp gets used to it for sure this will definitely start flaking especially if I just scratch a bit my head. So, what I did I try the one in the Pinterest post for natural remedies of dandruff.

I love winter than the summer but the problem is my scalp so sensitive. Anyway, I tried and tested the following natural remedies or let say DIY’s

  • Aloe Vera and Onion juice – the smell and my teary eyes. Tried but sorry I didn’t work out. Still flaking scalp.
  • Get Rid Dandruff – tried it but it won’t last 3 weeks it comes back after 3 days when I stop using it. (Note: Neem oil/extract never try it becuase I can’t find here in Japan)


But, My husband has been annoyed to me complaining about my dandruff to him. And, everywhere I wore bennie/hats, so he decided to buy online this shampoo and leave on moisturizer. 100% it cured no more flaking scalp and I can wear my black shirt and scarf. I don’t if it’s available to other countries. But, this is it my problem was solved. No more snow on my shoulder.

(left) Leave on Conditioner/Moisturizer which is makes your scalp smell nice and your hair soft and shiny. (right) Shampoo in a small tube. (use it like doing your shampoo, massage your scalp and leave it at least 5 minutes and rise don’t but anything to your hair. No conditioner needed because the leave of moisturizer will do the rest. Now loving my hair shine and no flaky thing.

I search on Amazon, you can check this Fukemin Lotion and Fukemin Shampoo

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