Autumn Diffuser Collection

Autumn is here! And the weather change drastically which is not good especially if you have kids they catch colds and a cough sometimes running nose as well. Here’s my Autumn Diffuser Collection.

Fall Diffuser

By the way, I’m using Doterra Essential Oil. If you like to know about this Essential Oil check this link.

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YouTube (Last Batch)

Finally, Cleaning my youtube subscribe really see how often I use youtube. So many, some they are inactive. :(. This batch will be anything, various or such meaning for me.

Alexandra – Everything goes

AmandaRachLee – love her work, bullet journal, calligraphy, scribbles, and doodles

ArtistJodySteel – I love her work, she’s really an artist.

Boho Beautiful – one of my morning routine, yoga… and she loves to travel.

Cookies Cupcake and Cardio – I got sweet tooth also. and simple food to make especially dinner.

CuteGirls Hairstyles – I copied sometimes for my toddler hairstyle.

eHow Home – Interior design

Ela Gale – vegan and travel

ExpertVillage– all about Hacks

Fightmaster Yoga – Yoga my morning routine

Freakmo – make-up artist, Fx love her work.

K Werner Design – Making cards, Stamping, Coloring etc.

Kayley Melissa – Hairstyles

Mazic Writer – modern calligraphy

Mr. Kate – Interior Design, room, office, etc transformation

Pieces Calligraphy – modern calligraphy

PsycheTruth – fitness, health, yoga etc.

Relaxing Music and Yoga – music for meditation (somehow you need this one esp. on a daily basis)

Screen Rant –  Movie and TV facts on a regular basis.

TheTalko everything you ever wanted to know about fashion, celebrity lifestyle, fitness, health, relationships and the most interesting random occurrences in 5 minutes or less.

Thoughty2 – creates mind-blowing factual videos, on the weirdest, wackiest and most interesting topics. Combining fascinating lists with answers to life’s biggest questions.

Yanis Marshall – choreographer with heels take note.

Yoga with Adriene – yoga (morning routine)

Hopefully, this will help to find YouTubers that are benefits you not just watching it.

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Youtube Batch 3

I’m here again my cleaning up my subscribed youtubers. Now, I will share with you one of my hobbies. All about needles, thread & Yarn: Knitting, Crocheting, and Sewing. 🙂

AllCraft Channel









How to Crochet


Made Everyday

Then, this will be my weekly hobby which is NAILART!





Demelza’s World



Janelle Estep

Jenny Claire Fox





MySimpleLittle Pleasures


Nailed It NZ

Nails of Promise

Naio Nails

Olga Levchuk




Simply Nailogical



Once again, this is not a sponsored post but I personally share it for you. In case you might be interesting.


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Social Media

Checking my social media some of the people I followed on youtube, twitter, Pinterest, WordPress, LiveJournal, and Instagram is no longer active anymore…. so, now, I have to clean my social media and start to be active again. First thing first was the youtube I was shocked that I followed 308 YouTubers then, I have to check one by one found out some are no longer active more than 3yrs ago other just a year ago and so forth. Anyway, some I have to delete them as no longer helpful for my everyday life (sort of). It was a long way road to clean my subscribe channels. I have to open one by one if what kind of videos they post in their videos. A bit waste of time but at least it will be nice to share with you guys my subscribe channel (youtube) it is useful to yourself.

From 308 subscribe down to 176… great! for now. Anyway, My channel in youtube mostly my family trips and my kids. I seldom post my tutorials and DIY I’m still contemplating if I can dedicate myself in posting on youtube at least once a week (still thinking). I’m still studying how to film it. (on progress) So, for now, I will post a blog.

I sort some of my subscribe channel, I hope this will help you run through.

My first favorite: DIY’s (crafts, arts, home decor, makeup, beauty), Home decor, Organizing, Interior

5-Minute Crafts

Adelaine Morin

Alessandra – Projecto 

Amanda Nicole DIY

Andreas Choice


AnnLee (AnneorShine)

Christine Kobzeff




Dazzle DIY


Dulce Candy






HGTV Handmade

Home Organizing by

Ingrid Nilsen


jessika taynara

Karen Kavett


Mark Montano

Mr. Kate



Sofiya Nygaard

Sea lemon


All those youtube channels just to share, it’s up to you if you want to subscribe. This is the First batch of sharing my subscribed youtube channel.  Some have few followers but for me, it benefits me. Some have millions of subscribers. Anyway, its your own taste which videos you want to watch. This post is not sponsored to anything but for me to share. “Sharing is caring”

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YouTube Subscribed (Batch 2)

This is the 2nd part of my cleaning my social media. It came to think, that I should do it before it reaches to the 1K subscribed youtube channel. As I post the first batch, this will be the 2nd batch for my favorite youtube channels. Once again, this is not a sponsored post but I just want to share.

All about Make-ups, Beauty, Products, Fashion, Style (Reviews, Tutorial, Tips & Hacks)

Alexa Poletti

Aly Art



Aspyn Ovard


Beauty Broadcast Express


Bethany Mota

Blush with me-Parmita


Camila Coelho (Spanish) / Make-up by Camilla2 (English)

Carli Bybel

Casey Holmes

Cassandra Bankson

Chloe Morello


Claudia Sulewski


Danielle Mansutti

Daphne S

Diva Makeup Queen



Elle Fowler


Emma Pickles







From Head to toe



Jackie Aina

Jackylyn Hill


Julia Graf

Julie G

Kandee Johnson

Karissa Pukas


Laura Lee

Lauren Curtis


Lisa Eldridge



Marlena Stell


Michelle Phan

Miss Fame


Nicole Guerriero

Nikkie Tutorials




Samatha Ravndahl


Sharon Farell



Still GlamorUs


Tanya Burr


Teni Panosian


Tina Yong

Wayne Goss



As I said earlier, this is not sponsored post but I just want to share. It’s up to you to watch or subscribe. “Sharing is caring”

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First & Last Nursery Sports day


This will be our first and last Sports day in this Nursery School here in Osaka, Minoh City. Anyway, I think my little princess enjoyed it. I will miss this school as well because I also made friends of mothers community. They all kind and helpful will definitely miss them.


So, adorable they are, tiny and cute. They had the running race, relay, obstacles and shot that ball.  Please have time to watch the video how they so adorable and tiny they are.

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Sports day (Elementary School)


My son’s sports day. It was our 4th year attending sports day of his school and also our last for this year. Well, He (my son) definitely miss his friends and classmates. That’s why when we first time told him he started crying. But, now I think he will accept it. And, that for us to stay no more transfer and he can gain more friends there. He easily deals with the kids now, because he is now fluent in Japanese. So, he can talk to them.


The sun really shines so brightly!… very hot and humid… we are sweating a lot. Anyway, we enjoyed watching our kids having so much fun. Have time to watch the video I complied. See below.

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City Hall

This is what I like about Japan. They don’t have break time when your working in the government like city hall/municipals. We (together with my kids) need to get family registry, address registration and passport. And all the employees are so darn, helpful and kind. We don’t experience this in our entire life when we are living in our own country. Gosh, you will surely see the difference between the two countries. I don’t know why my own country is like they don’t have this urgency thing. They had lunch breaks which no one will assist you. Sometimes about more than an hour. Don’t get me wrong if you choose the job in the government it should be dedicated to your work and can also be alternate to take a lunch break, but my original country I still love it except the government.

We arrived in the City Hall around 9am and we all done around 11am. To think I have to re-write the passport application form which I took some time to write it because in Japanese (Kanji, katakana, and hiragana) that’s tough for me. My hands are shaking because too difficult :(. They assist me totally until the end, even though I really don’t talk much in Japanese but I understand what they say.


Then, September 22 – we have to get our passport personally. They will look at you and say your name, birthday and where you live. We are now officially Japanese citizens.


Bye bye, Philippines Passport and Konnichiwa Nihon Passport. Sad to say, they don’t allow dual citizens. But, anyway… we choose to stay here for long period of time but of course, we will visit The Philippines because of our family and friends…

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Former Officemates

It’s been like 4 or 5 years not hearing them, well we just liked button on the facebook the usual thing. They really had a great time visiting in Japan and had time to meet us also. That’s totally great!


But first, they both enjoy playing in the toys floor which we are in the Yodobashi Camera in Umeda, Osaka before meeting the Family.


Then after they enjoy playing and we meet mo colleagues. Then, we had a great time chatting and they also shop. And finally, we will have a nice Dinner with them which they treat us. That’s totally great again! I just notice I always use the word great! But surely, it’s been awhile and away in IT Industry, we just talk everything besides from the “those are the days of Dell life” and also differences of our country and this country as well.


Before heading home, she likes to have pictures of this shapes. (lovely!)


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夏まつり in Elementary School


We attended Summer Festival in the school of my son (Minoo Higashi Elementary School) Of course, we show respect to wear yukata for this festival even though we are a foreigner.


It started around 4 pm to 9:30 pm. They are a lot of food stall and toys as well.


See how adorable they are when wearing yukata dress (kimono for summer).

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