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Sports day (Elementary School)


My son’s sports day. It was our 4th year attending sports day of his school and also our last for this year. Well, He (my son) definitely miss his friends and classmates. That’s why when we first time told him he started crying. But, now I think he will accept it. And, that for us to stay no more transfer and he can gain more friends there. He easily deals with the kids now, because he is now fluent in Japanese. So, he can talk to them.


The sun really shines so brightly!… very hot and humid… we are sweating a lot. Anyway, we enjoyed watching our kids having so much fun. Have time to watch the video I complied. See below.

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Shirahama Energy Land


This is our first time to go here. It just in front of the Shirahama Beach. At first, looks like it was just boring place, but when you get inside all the rooms it’s getting amazed.

Map&Fee Energy Land

Map Gallery

It just a small area but every corner is brilliant ideas.

Trick room

This is the Trick Art House, kids got lots of fun. Then, after we went to the Mystery Zone we got dizzy because of the structure of the house in sideways. Below I posted video in my youtube channel.

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Adventure World

Yeah, sorry for the late post. We have been busy for the past days, now is the time.


This is our first time to go here. Suprisingly huge and more rides. It’s a Combo! in a one Place:  Zoo, Marine and Park, that’s great right.


Not that bad for the fees right… as I told you is a COMBO! What we are looking forward was the Pandas. They are so cute and adorable.


But, we are a bit late to have a ticket to up close encounter of the dolphin and sea lion feeding them, Sold out ticket oh that was a separate fee for that special encounter. So, we just look around what else we can see we try the Safari by train because is free. But, seems it will be fun by walking, so we also tried.Map

It was a really huge place one day is not enought, we didn’t even ride the park rides like roller coaster, ferries wheel, etc. But, for us animals are enough for now, learning stage for my little princess to know the animals and see in person than in the tv or books.

We tried the free train for the Safari, but much more fun in walking at least you can stop and take a selfies with them hehehe…


We didn’t see any of the shows, but only the dolphin show.


I also post video on my channel. For more information of this place, you can visit their website. Click Here!

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Our tree is Up!

Yeap, the spirit of Christ-mas and holiday is in our house now. When I was a little or young I’m so excited with Christmas because of presents/gifts and abundant foods in every house we go besides of those things we have to thank the above for nearly end year for us celebrate the birth of our saviour and most of the best is family bonding. From my great grandparents, uncles, aunties, cousins, friends and neighbors as well. We always talk about everything but usually we talked our younger years. Graders to College days non-stop chating and laughing. 

Now, I have my own family still I’m excited of Christ-mas… Because, whenever we put up our christmas tree it just bringing back my younger years and also seeing my kids very happy hanging the decor in the tree I feel happy and glad i have this two kids even though they quite stubborn sometimes but still I’m thanking the almighty that He trusted me to have my own family. And, of course longer family bonding and looking forward for a ahead of another year to us. 

Before I end my post… I hope I’m the first to greet you A Merry and Bright Christmas to all 🎄

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