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I admit, I always tend to say I’m on the diet. Then, after few days there is an occasion like gathering from friends and they cook of course we have to eat or else they will feel that we don’t want their cook food they serve. It just a thing for a Pinoy like us, we have to eat it, or else we feel bad. Dieting really big thing for me. Especially, nowadays I’m getting old my metabolism really not doing their jobs to break my food inside (kidding aside). Anyway, I tried this method, Egg Diet have you heard it!


I get this of course on the Pinterest site (click here).  I started my weight 65.7kg (144.8lb) at 5′ 3″ I’m overweight to obese :-(.

IMG_5144 ideal-weight-height-chart

My first day of diet was really surprised me.

First Day: lost 0.9

Then, the rest below.

Start Date: March 12 – 65.7kg

Day 1: March 13 – 64.8kg

Day 2: March 14 – 63.9kg

Day 3: March 15 – 63.1kg

Day 4: March 16 – 62.7kg

Day 5: March 17 – 62.7kg (it didn’t change)

Day 6: March 18 – 63.4kg

Day 7: March 19 – 64.1kg

Day 8: March 20 – 63.5kg

Day 9: March 21 – 63.9kg

Day 10: March 23 – 63.7kg

the last day Day 10

Short of it works for me, but I get tired of eating apple and egg for 10 days. I can’t stand it.

I better try to get more exercise so, that even though I eat a lot it will burn. And also less sugar & sodium, no chocolate, no rice (but I eat bread for carbs), no to junk food (I eat fresh salad from our backyard) hopefully, it will work. I started my weight today at 64.4kg. I’m just aiming 60kg only. I took me months to lost 4-5kg. so hard. 😦

“The most effective diet must be one you can fully commit to.”

Am I fully commit to this? oh well, I can’t reject some invitation but I eat less not so full and I drink a lot of warm water and teas. No soda and occasional alcohol as well. End of April I will update you if I’m committed to this weight loss. Wish me Luck!


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The Farmer’s Kitchen


This place so awesome, the restaurant in the middle of nowwhere just kidding middle of the fields.


This was inside their Toilet wall decor. I wanted to do this also. Soon! if we own the house because we are just renting it, I mean the company of my husband renting it for us. We are not allowed to make holes in the wall.


Their food is tasty and healthy. Oh, the salad is to die for. I love the dressing of it. The pasta is just so-so. The pizza was delicious as well. I will definitely go back here because of the Salad.


Kids here will also enjoy, there is a place to play while waiting for the turn to seat and also after lunch time to play for kids. Interesting concepts.


What’s good about this place was they sell garden materials, tools, plants, herbs and flowers. They’re so beautiful, especially those flowers, colorful and vibrant. I want them all but we don’t have the garden yet.

My own verdict: The price is expensive, but I think is worth it because it’s their own grown vegetables and healthy. (4 star) Recommended to try. Here’s there website: The Farmer

Open 10: 00-18: 00 (except the schedule below)

〒568-0095 Osaka prefecture Ibaraki-shi Saho 194-4 Google Maps

Tel / fax: 072-649-1001

Reservations are not accepted due to order system.

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As I write in my previous post that we are going to visit my home country which my mother-in-law didn’t  know that we are going to home (The Philippines). Anyway, she gets surprised really she cried (that’s tears of Joy) his favorite grandson will be here before her birthday. So, we are getting hungry, we just eat a fast food for dinner which is Jollibee…. 🙂 I miss their gravy…


Luckily, we didn't forgot her Anpanman stuff.
Luckily, we didn’t forgot her Anpanman stuff.

The next day, the real birthday of my mother-in-law. Eat dinner at the house of the eldest son (bro-in-law) Pizza only because Dinner will be in a Japanese (as if we didn’t come from Japan) anyway, the restaurant is cozy and friendly server and most of all cheap.


she's amazed with the rain. Bec. in Japan she don't usually go out.
she’s amazed with the rain. Bec. in Japan she don’t usually go out.

094 095  DSC_6178 DSC_6190 DSC_6194 DSC_6203 DSC_6208

The rest of the day, we have time to shop and eat Filipino food.

one of my favorite "pork sisig"
one of my favorite “pork sisig”
Kare-Kare and shanghai
Kare-Kare and shanghai
crab rice
crab rice

104 105

we just have time to have a minute of foot spa (pedi and mani as well)
we just have time to have a minute of foot spa (pedi and mani as well)

Paid visit to the father of my hubby (father-in-law) in the cementery.

DSC_6298 DSC_6316 DSC_6320 136 DSC_6334 DSC_6342

And, of course drop by in the mall and shop a bit and also eat lunch @ Kamay Kainan (Buffet)

Finally, the reason we are here (The Philippines) the celebration of the birthday of my Mother-in-Law.

_DSC7038 _DSC7040 _DSC7057 _DSC7060 _DSC7078 _DSC7131

The Decoration was simple and elegant

_DSC7041 _DSC7044

_DSC7047 _DSC7052

_DSC7185 _DSC7277

No doubt,  the food it was good… Happy Tummy again!

The next day, early morning we fly back to Japan (3am) as in early. Kids, just sleep entire flight. We just eat their in-flight food. Then, back to Japan around 8:30am.

161 162 164

Last Lunch at the Philippines

166 197

At the Mall

200 201


 204 205

Caution: High Cholesterol

209 212

At the mall, kid on Play

217 219

Last Dinner together with my Hubby Family

Thank you for the prayer we have a safe journey (vice versa), especially if you have a toddler.

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Part 2 – PH Vacay

Day 6 August 6 Wed.
What is good of our vacay in the phils is the cheap pamper… spa time!


Here’s the polish nail i choose… Love it!

Then, we had lunch in Aristocrat Resto. yup, its a pilipino dishes.



Snacks it was the famous halo halo of Razon of Guagua one of my favorite… Ensaymada and cheese of Red Ribbon
Sorry, i don’t have picture as my phone that time has been drained 😦

Day 7 August 7 (Thursday)
Its time to check in hotel in Libis, Quezon City which is Richmonde Hotel
Great place/location and friendly staff but the internet connection is sucks so slow. We have to pay Php500.00 for 1day access. We travel a lot and usually wi-fi/internet connection are free even in a budget hotel. But this hotel, let say 3 or 4 star hotel their internet are precious like gold 😦 darn, next will try other hotels… The good thing it was just near by and accessible for the mall and meet ups. Anyway, we just enjoy staying there bec of the location.
Lunch we had a chinese food but i forgot the name of the resto (forgive me)




I love the steam fish the best!

After, have some rest in the hotel as we came down from the mountain (Cavite) to Manila takes 2hrs drive. Afternoon, stroll around the vicinity of eastwood and we had snacks in Diary Queen



Dinner, i was craving for daing na bangus (milk fish) at Tapa King


Day 8 August 8 (Fri)
Our first breakfast in the hotel (buffet)

Afterwards, we went SM Megamall one of the biggest mall near by. Lunch at Pizza Hut not that fancy hehehe

We tried the goto (porridge) of Goodah not bad but not that delicious at all. We eat street food like fish balls, squid balls and kikiam oh i miss it when i was a kid in our province we often, wait this cart to pass in front of our gate and asking daddy to give me a coin hehehehe.

Day 9 August 9 (Sat)
This is the reason why we are here in the philippines 🙂 it was my daughter christening we held it at the Christ the King Greenmeadows and the reception at Hogalbi Restaurant, Tiendesitas



Post the rest of the vacay in a few days…

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PH Vacay for 2weeks

Yup, sorry if i didn’t update my journal. And yes, we had a great time and memorable vacation in the Philippines (my origin)…

Day 1 – August 1
We wake up early, coz our flight is around 10am so, as airport info you have to be in the airport 2hrs. before your flight. (Right?) well, sometimes 3hrs. Torture! Hehehehe

And my little princess so brave didn’t hurt her ears from take off and landing…

See, she occupied the one seat to lay her down and sleep… It’s 4hrs flight from Kix, Japan to naia, philippines.

Reach in the phils. Almost past lunch and here’s our first meal… Dinuguan well its my hubby favorite pinoy food


Day 2 – August 2
Breakfast with my hubby families.

I just missed this bread way back when i was in Malaysia – Gardenia bread

Trying to fit my little princess inside this… Look her reaction


We went in the mall, famous mall of the philippines – SM Mall (dasmarinas branch)

One of my favorite drinks – Quickly Taro Taro Special and lastly the big bee food


All time favorite of the kids in the Philippines- Jollibee

Day 3 – August 3 (Sun)
We don’t failed to visit Pink Sister whenever we go back in the Philippines. Of course we have to thanks for the blessing and safe of our love ones.


And we have matching Sesame Street t-shirts (lovely isn’t)

Now, after praying, pigging out with pilipino foods and my hubby’s family

Below our the food we orders:
crispy pata
grilled hito
kang kong with bagoong

Day 4 – August 4 (Mon)
Check it out my new hair-do!
Thank you Bench Fix… Kudos!
I feel light and young hehehehe

Oh by the way, i sacrifice my lunch for this 😦 i just eat jollyhotdog for my hair

And, i just had my fattening dinner donuts of Krispy Kreme


Day 5 – August 5 (Tues)
Visit my parents it just a day trip. I wanted to sleep there but the thing is a lot of mosquitos flying around. They might bite my little princess porcelain skin hehehehe

My mom (grandmother) made some pretty dress to little princess so cute.

Above pix, my bff since graders… She married two times well, actually once only as you know no divorce in the phils opppssss i have to stop writing she might get angry if i write it down her real love life stories. In sort the second, just live in… ill stop now enough! Anyway, i’m glad she had time to visit to my parents house to catch up.

I have also visit me one of my close friend in college oh, she also have different stories as well very tragic really i swear she just talk non stop very frustrating to her family and devastating life she had or experience. I hope we can meet her in Japan she’s just 2 hrs. Drive from our place. Hoping she will be fine going back in Japan.

ill just post the rest of our vacay in a few days…

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Diagram for the first time mom

I hope this will be help for those first mom to be or either mothers out there to know.

As speak, know the food for mothers who soon to breast feed their babies.

This is helpful to monitor the behavior of our baby

If your not going to breastfeed, this chart will be help.

For the baby eats solid food.

Chart for your babies likes the food listed.

Oh, this one my favorite… Sleepness nights, additional to know the sleep of your baby.

Sleeping Goals



Development of the baby