Quiet Time (Our Creator)

I was born in the Philippines. So, usually, everyone here once born in the Philippines automatic your Catholic. And, the Philippines is the only Asian country 80% are Catholics the rest are other religion. Need to baptist and have your first communion at the age of 7 up. That’s the traditional Catholic where my parents are. And, I was in Catholic School from Nursery to High School our superior or let say principles are priest and sisters, some our teachers as well. Anyway, how we have to memorize the Rosary, Commandments and all prayers. Oh, luckily when I was in High School they remove the Spanish language which you have to memorize a prayer in Spanish that’s hard. But, I have learned Spanish to my mom, because they have Spanish blood and they talk, sing and pray Spanish as well when my grandma is still alive. So, even every day we hold, bring and read the bible I just knew that I don’t really get what is the message all about, I just know we have to do it because of our school.  In our real life, we don’t much talk about the religion even to our friends as well, sometimes they disagreed with our belief and faith. Even ourselves do we really know who is our creator is? Because I’m still confused reading passages/scriptures in the Bible sometimes I don’t know what does in a mean. Now, I read the bible once when I think I was in Elementary, while when your kid and you bring the bible that is so big and thick for sure you won’t read. That time they don’t yet invent the pocket bible, electronic etc. that is easy to access now.

In this generation, everything in electronics. Even a prayer from our creator is already available on the internet. So, from elementary, I already forgot the everything I learned about the bible or our creator itself. So, I decided to do my quiet time every day at least read the bible for a 2-4 chapter a day. Which I find this interesting website that you will certainly like it if you confused about your belief and faith.

Where Should I Start? A Beginner’s Guide to Reading the Bible

I started reading the bible last September (2017) It really helped me understand the bible thoroughly not just reading it, I also write some notes or verses that touch my senses.


Every Gospel/Book I finished reading I put some space for the verses that touch me much.

I’m still on progress in reading the bible. (Gospel of Mathew)

Some of the sites will also help you to understand every scripture in the bible to guide.


Prayers that would you like to try as well.

Some of this link is available on my Pinterest account. Please have time to check here.

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2017 Bullet Journal

I started my bullet journal last year to be exact April 2016… I realized it really help me a lot to be better me. I mean organized and not forgetting some little to do things in the house and also for my kids as well. Good reminders also… Here’s my first bullet layout I made.

Now, I have changed my Notebook and also the layout. I wanted my journal to be weekly layout so, that’s easy to manage. Last time I separated my trackers and cleaning schedule but hard to manage. At least, in a glance you will see all the information on my bullet journal.

my first page was the calendar (in Japanese) then next was birthdays (usually families and close friends) and also special occasion

This is my favorite… I doodle all i want to do, to go and to have…

films/movies, TV series, When did i Last… and Weight Loss (Diet)

As you can see, I also put some sticky mark on the side easy to navigate as well and also added Monthly Journal Prompts. (all links below) Once again thanks for the uploader in Pinterest site it really helps me to set up my bullet journal.

I hope this will help you to start your bullet journal for this year!

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Bullet Journal

This past day i don’t know what to do on my to-do-list. Because sometimes i forgot a small details that i need to do. So, what i did is search to my favorite site Pinterest. This i got hook up… bullet journal and it works for me.

we just need any notebook and you can design if you like to & ballpen (i used frixion ballpen so that i can erase hehehe… ) Below, are the sites that inspired me to do this.

This idea works for me, I’m not getting younger anymore (you know what i mean) there’s no harm on trying. So, that you won’t missed your to-do-list for yourself and other people around you (esp. family)… below just useful tips to share.

Useful tips



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My 1st Smashbook 

I just finished our family first smashbook… I love it and love doing it… Is our journal + diary + bookscraping + album etc…

The cover: 


I just loved our family photo shoot in traditional Japanese costume… 

Here’s the rest of the pages… Hope you enjoy it. 

3 pages in USJ… With a visitor from Australia and Singapore friends  

Movie date : ticket and nov.1 soul day

This deserve one page when my little princess is sick almost one week.   

As i finished doing this you feel blessed with a family with photo or not those days funday with your family is really priceless…. I should mention my name of my blog.. My countless blessing… In life… My family 😍

If your planning to make one of your smashbook the messy will better than arranging in…include your creativity doing journal or diary, receipts, brochures, flyers anything goes…

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