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Kidzania, Kobe, Japan


Our first time to go here and we didn’t know that we need to reserve before we go inside. At first, we didn’t know luckily the Kidzania beside it was a mall (Lalaport) so, we just look around and kids play in the mini park for awhile. Well, my husband need to reserve slot on Monday and Monday is a holiday so good. But, we had a reservation on the 2nd shift (4pm-9pm) the 1st shift was (9am-3pm) but they can still stay there until they like.


This is their first job in the Printing Press. Not so lucky we didn’t get a slot to Sushi Restaurant, Pizza, Ambulance and Fire Fighter job. Maybe next time we need to get the first shift.


And he just wanted to be policeman in a real life as well, luckily still have slot to do this job.


Soft Ice Cream for my little princess, in real life she loves ice cream so much.

They exprience to do the Cabin Attendant (daughter) and Pilot (son).

And their favorite job they like both of them in the Train. My daughter as a train driver and my son as an attendant/announcer.

My kids, really hada great time here in this place, but we have short time to explore more. It’s educating and know what they want when they get old. But, of course my little princess we still don’t know. Their’s a lot of things to do here. Maybe next time we I‘ll post again for more job they applied.

I uploaded video from my channel in youtube kindly check below:


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Shirahama, Beach


After we reach from the hotel we have time to check the nearest beach in our hotel. They said it has white sand. Yes, Indeed, it has white sand. As you all know my country (The Philippines) has a lot of beaches from white, pink and black. Better yet, I will try to post it if I have time too, because Summer is around the corner. So, that you can have an idea where to go this coming summer.


Shirahama (白浜町Shirahama-chō?) is a town in Nishimuro District, Wakayama Prefecture, Japan.

Shirahama is a resort town on the south coast of Wakayama Prefecture. Its beaches are white sand, imported from Australia.[citation needed] Shirahama is known for its hot springs. During the summer (July and August), there are fireworks every night on the beach.[citation needed]

Shirahama is about two and a half hours from Osaka by JR West‘s Ocean Arrow train service. There are daily flights from Nanki-Shirahama Airport to Tokyo’s Tokyo International Airport (Haneda).

On March 1, 2006 the town of Hikigawa, from Nishimuro District, was merged into Shirahama.[citation needed]

As of January 31, 2012, the town has an estimated population of 23,325, with 11,149 households, and a population density of 116.02 persons per km. The total area is 201.04 km.

Wow, the white sand was imported from Australia, that’s awesome.  Anyway, the hotel staff told us, when summer they are fully booked and the beach is crowded.We want to experience the kids to go on the beach and swim. They didn’t experience yet. So, if ever this is their first time. (on summer plan) Anyway, they can’t even touch the water because is waving to fast and the water is freezing cold.

Look at the pictures, they way they smile and play the water. Definitely, we have to plan a trip to the beach this coming summer. It’s also about time I need to get serious in dieting so that I can wear bathing suits with confidence.

We got the chance to see the “Engetsu Island”


Engetsu Island (円月島Engetsu-tō) is a small island off the coast of Shirahama, Wakayama Prefecture, Japan. It includes a natural arch through which seawater passes. Its official name is Takashima (高嶋), and it is approximately 35 metres (115 ft) east-to-west, 130 metres (430 ft) north-to-south, and 25 metres (82 ft) high at the tallest.

The island is largely formed of sandstone and has become less stable over time. Since July 2009, the Shirahama town government has cautioned against approaching the island because of the risk of collapse of the arch.

Untitled design

We will surely plan this coming summer to visit this island. There’s a lot to see, now my daughter can walk longer I think she’ll be okay on a long walk.

here’s the video:

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Trade In Car

After we attended a showroom for the new release car of Nissan with Autech which is top notch techonology. Well, as you all know Japan is a manufacture of cars. Thats why here in Japan after 3years you can change your car and trade in to a latest model. But, you can exceed to 5 years it depends on the condition of the car. In Japan, the more the older your car is, the insurance is much expensive. So, people here cars is not luxury to them is a necessity.


From Silver color to Maroon both Nissan Serena Type

Total coordination of exterior and interior under the theme of “Power and Luxury” offers a striking street presence.
Higher output engine, tuned body and suspension deliver exhilarating acceleration, sporty and stable handling for a tight, comfortable ride.

Design: Exterior and interior design is totally coordinated by using full scale clay models and CAD design system.

Performance tuning: Leveraging the technology of racing car development, AUTECH provides ultimate driving performance through total package of high-output engine, tuned suspension and body reinforce.

Accessory parts: A broad range of original accessory parts are available for more personalization of customized cars.

Lucky for these kids, they get a chance to ride the latest and we are the first customer bought this new model. When, I was age like them riding in the bicycle is the happiest thing experience, but now a lot of rides you can imagine and invented as well.

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Travel Packing

Travel packing sometimes is so difficult that you want to just carry 1 luggage for 2 weeks vacay or when it’s winter those very thick jackets some more you have to bring extra just in case it will rain, heavy snow etc. (unpredictable weather).

But, in my case, i got 2 kids (1 toddler and 8yrs. old boy). I have to put all our cloths in 1 lugger and we will travel to a snowing part of Japan. You have to keep the kids warmest of all. Need to pack  (heat tech) inner cloths and so thick jackets. I tried to check on my favorite site which is the pinterest.com the travel tips. I found below some sites for those struggling in packing for travel.

Those site just give me some ideas how to pack and be creative to mix and match your cloths. Anyhow, what i did to our travel suitcase which i need to put all our cloths in one suitcase. First list down, by categories : my daughter cloths plus Feeding bottle, boy cloths, my cloths, medicine (we have to be ready), Gadgets and toiletries.

Then, list down in specific things to bring, so that we won’t over pack. Like jackets list down how many to bring for yours and kids, shoes, inner cloths etc. etc.  too hard but, we have to pack that was needed to our trip. No overpacking some more when we go some places/trips sometimes we buy stuff there so, another stuff to put inside the suitcase so need some space. Hand carry sometimes is too difficult when you have kids with your.

So, i hope it will help you or get some ideas how to pack when traveling with kids.



Part 3 – PH Vacay

Day 10 – Aug.10 (Sun)
Before we go somewhere, we have to say thank you to our almighty god just nearby our hotel. Afterwards, we went to talk if the town SM Aura. We thought that it was big it just a 4 storey mall and we enjoy the roof top/deck.

Our lunch at the vietnamese cuisine.


Day 11 – Aug.11 (Mon)
Swimming time at the hotel and bonding as well.

We stroll and buy some “pasalubong” (presents) in the SM Megamall big mall and meet my mom to hand over those cute dress of my daughter.


We had dinner at goto king. Craving for porridge.

Love it!

Grocery time for our supplies that we can’t buy it in Japan at Robinsons Supermarket
Look what we have here nice ads Coke!


Day12 – Aug.12 (Tues)
Strolled at the Eastwood and start packing
Dinner @ Sbarro at the Eastwood Mall


Meet some friends at the SM Megamall alone took a taxi get scared of it the way they drive some more i’m not get use to it commute in my own land 😦

Friends for life… They were my friends since 1998 when i was a single they know all my pass bf or exes. Knows the reason why we broke up as well. Eventhough we all apart we still don’t forget to communicate to each other some more if someone are going back to the philippines we will give a time to meet. A non-stop chitty chat and laughing. Some gossiping as well from the past, celebrity, politics etc topics.

Day 13 – Aug.13 (Tues)
Our flight day. Once more before we leave, 2nd breakfast at Jollibee.


And paalam Pilipinas at the terminal 2 (philippine airlines)


We reach in Japan around 7pm safe, eat dinner first before we go home.


End of our Vacay now back to normal.

One month to go


My due date is on March 7, but, i want it to be early.
The reason why i want it to be early is i don’t want to miss the graduation of my first son.
Believe it or not, eventhough i got headached on my first kid in teaching and organizing him in the school, learn some Japanese words. He will graduate In nursery, this will be the first time.
So, if i give birth early, i have this ample time to prepare myself, my son and the baby as well.
Pray for me for safe and early delivery as well a healthy baby.

I’m still worrying about my varicose vein in my legs, what if it will never be dissappear. Looks terrible! I still hope and pray after i give birth this varicose will dissappear.