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Kidzania, Kobe, Japan


Our first time to go here and we didn’t know that we need to reserve before we go inside. At first, we didn’t know luckily the Kidzania beside it was a mall (Lalaport) so, we just look around and kids play in the mini park for awhile. Well, my husband need to reserve slot on Monday and Monday is a holiday so good. But, we had a reservation on the 2nd shift (4pm-9pm) the 1st shift was (9am-3pm) but they can still stay there until they like.


This is their first job in the Printing Press. Not so lucky we didn’t get a slot to Sushi Restaurant, Pizza, Ambulance and Fire Fighter job. Maybe next time we need to get the first shift.


And he just wanted to be policeman in a real life as well, luckily still have slot to do this job.


Soft Ice Cream for my little princess, in real life she loves ice cream so much.

They exprience to do the Cabin Attendant (daughter) and Pilot (son).

And their favorite job they like both of them in the Train. My daughter as a train driver and my son as an attendant/announcer.

My kids, really hada great time here in this place, but we have short time to explore more. It’s educating and know what they want when they get old. But, of course my little princess we still don’t know. Their’s a lot of things to do here. Maybe next time we I‘ll post again for more job they applied.

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Last Saturday we went to the Electronic Mall (Yodobashi) and we looked the vacuum and we were contemplating if we will buy or not. We were comparing the price from amazon and Kokoro (Japanese site) if its lower than the Mall.


See the Online Price below… no difference at all and few amount only.



Anyway, maybe my hubby just hungry, so, we decided to eat first. This is our first time to eat in this restaurant.


Look the inside very cozy and unique decoration.

Oh, i can’t wait to taste their food… below the buffet.

There’s a lot of variety cheese, salad, pasta, appetizer and unlimited drinks (wine, cocktail, beer, juice, soda etc.) . We enjoyed a lot the food. Grilled Pork, Beef, Chicken, Seafood and Veggie so delicious.

So, now my hubby has decided to buy the vacuum and he justify it that our vacuum at home is old, 2nd hand only and it didn’t sucks much the dirt (as if he always using the vacuum at home)

Plus, we bought Essential Oil Diffuser which i have been longing to buy this two months ago.


This Diffuser only oil you don’t need to put water but, of course my Doterra oil is a bit expensive which usually we rub/put in our skin and drink it. But this (above) for Diffuser.

Below the video for our new vacuum.





1 year


Its been a year i resigned in this company. Time flies, i learned a lot of things working on this company. Different country, different culture, different people all different when i started last 2008 my first time to work overseas. It made me scared but with the support of my hubby, he made me strong and face my fear. For 5 years, their are good and bad things working in this company i can’t mention all of it, but the best part i earned a lot of friends and connection all over the world (i guess) as this company is a multinational company. We deal a lot of people all over the world.

And i’m proud that i’ve been part or contribute my knowledge working to this company. Thank you Dell (even though we call you Hell sometimes when we are stress) for giving me opportunities to be part of your team.

New Phone

Yup, i got a new phone. I changed my line from NTT Docomo to Softbank provider with a same number from Sony Ericsson to IPhone. Its my first time to use Apple Phone, i’m a android user when i was in Malaysia for 5 years. But, i used iPad and iPod but not a phone. 🙂

Today. I’m trying to sync music using itunes from my PC. Didn’t recognized my phone. Searched in the internet. Listed that use the original cable which i’m using it. Some, reset you phone which i don’t want to do it and off the wifi etc etc but, no luck at all it doesn’t appear on my itunes. I give up maybe after a new updates on both iphone and itunes this might be solve.