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Cherry blossom (Spring 2017)


This year, we didn’t have time to view or spend time under the cherry blossom season. We just have gone near our place those cherry blossom (sakura) in the streets and malls as well.

We just went to the park near our place.

A cherry blossom (or commonly known in Japan as sakura) is the flower of any of several trees of genus Prunus, particularly the Japanese cherry.Prunus serrulata ( or ; さくら).

Currently it is widely distributed, especially in the temperate zone of the Northern Hemisphere including Japan, China, Korea, Europe, West Siberia, Iran, Pakistan, India, Canada, and the United States. Along with the chrysanthemum, the cherry blossom is considered the national flower of Japan.

Many of the varieties that have been cultivated for ornamental use do not produce fruit. Edible cherries generally come from cultivars of the related species Prunus avium and Prunus cerasus. Cherry blossom are also closely related to other Prunus trees such as the almond, peach, plum and apricot and more distantly to apples, pears and roses.

Q’s Mall, Minoh, Osaka, Japan

And, this was still raining. Every time the sky is clear, we hurry to go out and view the cherry blossom.


Below the video in my channel.

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Snow in Osaka, Japan


This is the first time in Osaka, that the snow accumulated to more than 2 centimeters. When it snow here in Osaka, just one time and then after a while will be melted.


We joined the house build trip of Sekisui House Builder in Kyoto. Pretty much the same as the other builders. But, we will see if the sales agents are very patience to wait for us to decide.

We checked also the ABC Housing near the Lalaport Expo City Mall. (the big mall). Kids enjoyed free ride in a mini train and feeding the birds.

Before we go home, we first stop in a Ramen Restaurant. Great for Chilly Weather!

Finally, playing & enjoying the snow fall.

I also upload a quick video in my youtube channel.

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Winter dilemma

I just list down some of my dilemma when it’s winter.

 1. Hard to dry cloths – yup, we don’t usually use the dryer in winter because sometimes it shrinks our clothes. The sun don’t usually shine at winter if its shine, but not totally hot some more and it’s windy.
 2. Heater – let’s say 12hrs a day or more (good luck to our electricity bill) once your body at ease in the heater when going out too cold, our body temperature won’t shift immediately. 

 3. Heavy cloths/ layered cloths (heat tech inner cloths) too much to wear. A problem if you’re going to buy cloths you get lazy to fit it and the end you won’t buy it.

 4. This all the problems of all… Lazy to get up. 

 5. Doing exercise without sweating at all.

 6. Accessories (ring, bracelet, earrings, etc.…) it will cover by the way so no need to wear at all. Earrings sometimes it tangles in my scarf.

 7. Shoes/Boots – hear in the Japan some restaurant you have to remove your shoes and also inside the house of a friend/neighbors.

 8. Dry skin – change lotion and moisturizer (oh waste money) 

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Spring Is Coming

Yes, almost warm here in Japan. And, its time to clean closet as well. Here’s the before and after thingy.

My Vanity … I display all my perfume and i used the cosmetic organizer (christmas gift from my sister in law) for my lipsticks. 

Jewelry & accessories corner

Crafty thing, thanks to pinterest i got new ring and earrings organize

Another pinterest ideas(oh boy i love this site so much) 

My bed… Now, it looks bed.

And also, i arrange my closet but i forgot to take pictures on it.

Below, the closet of my son.

I hope it will last atleast 1 month. My son really don’t care of ihis room and his stuff ;-(  clean also his study table and bed and the jungle of his under the bed. Everything is there!missing pair of socks, brief, small toys, lego, papers gosh many to mention. I hope someday he will take care what his own. 

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I get sick for the past week so, i stopped my diet huhuhuhu and look below my bunch of medicine everytime i eat and before i sleep.


And i don’t want to see my weight now i feel i gain a lot because i have to eat real meal as the doctor advised. It might reject the med i take if i don’t eat regular meal as my body is so weak. Hopefully, next week i will feel better.

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We just started to move with my husband in Japan just few months ago (May 2013). I think i made the right choice/decision. Even though i give up my career, my home country and risk our lives here in Japan. I really made the right choice. Now, i’m 9 weeks pregnant what a blessings i have now. I’m very happy. Hoping my pregnancy will be doing great, bec. my first pregnancy it was traumatic i lost it, then second one, i got complication in my blood sugar. well, that’s my pregnancy history. Anyway, i prayed that everything will be in good time and place.

btw, it was my birthday last July 31, this is the first time we had a great time together with my husband and son. Not that really fancy thing, we just had dinner together in the Buffet Restaurant and bought new appliances. He bought oven and mine is sewing machine. I just finished my first attempt project for blouse and shorts. I’ll post pictures some other time.

Its soooo very very hot here in Japan. Humid and Dry combination hotttnesss. I just had headache for almost 3days i won’t forget the summer in Japan. I told to my husband we (my son) better go back in the Philippines when my son is in summer break. Because i can’t take it the next summer. Extreme hot. It will be good if your in the beach because your mind and body will adjust that it will be hot. But, we are just inside the house we are sweating like hell. I don’t want to move my body as i will sweat a lot, especially if your pregnant your get tired easily and sweat easily. I hope, the autumn will come early as September. 🙂