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Kinosaki (城崎町) Hyōgo, Japan.


Finally, we had a break for awhile. And also my advance gift for my birthday. Relax and Enjoy the heat of the summer.

Kinosaki (城崎町Kinosaki-chō) was a town in Kinosaki DistrictHyōgo Prefecture, Japan.

Kinosaki is famous as a resort area, with onsen (Japanese hot springs). In 1913, the writer Shiga Naoya came to Kinosaki and stayed there for three weeks. Kinosaki provided inspiration for his short story, Kinosaki ni te or "In Kinosaki".

There are seven public onsen bath houses in Kinosaki Onsen. Tourists staying in most of the ryokans (Japanese traditional inns) in Kinosaki can receive a free pass to all seven. It is common for tourists staying in Kinosaki Onsen to walk around in yukata, this saves them having to change into their own clothes every time they use an onsen.

A feature is the fountains in the square where mesh bags of eggs can be immersed and boiled while you wait. There are several ashiyu foot baths with running hot spring water where one can sit by the edge of the road and relax while soaking one's feet. A ropeway at the far end of the street transports visitors to the top of Mt Taishi, which has spectacular views of the town and Japan sea coastline.

The Sanin Main Line provides a JR rail connection to Kyoto, and direct trains to Osaka are available via Fukuchiyama. Direct limited express trains take about 2.5 hours from Osaka to Toyooka.

It will be better if you will come here in the winter season. But, the snow here is thick. We are to buy snow tire now. So, that we can drive there.


We are a bit early so, we have to look around the area and we also need to eat lunch as well.


So, good and tasty the crab and shrimp, I love it!!!


Now, we are check-in the hotel. Morizuya Ryokan is the name of the place we stay. Japanese style room and clean of course.


I can't imagine this is quite a lot for us. Anyway, the price of this place is worth it.


We have time to attend the "Ubon Festival" and wearing Yukata clothes. We watched the fireworks display for summer and it held only weekdays.


What I like about this place. They have family onsen but, it will only start 6:30 pm and will close until 11 pm. Lovely place. Anyway, perhaps I would say this place is nice location center of the streets of shops and restaurant. And we had time to go to the Kinosaki Marine World. I will separate the post for that. But, Of course, I will post here the video for you to see.


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First Day (School)


She was just little now, she’s on her first day at the school. Time really flies so fast. I can’t believe it just 3 years ago i was pregnant with her.

It’s my first time to carry a baby in a different country and it looks like my first time also. My first son born 2008 then my daughter 2014, it’s 6years gap. My first time to labor without anesthesia, all natural birth. I really inspired the doctor here as they really into natural birth and people here are so brave as well to bear natural birth.


Looks how happy she was, she’s so excited to go school. The school ceremony started last April 11 and their first day school in the next day, from 9am ~ 11:30 for the 1st week. Then the rest of the week the schedule is M-T-TH-F from 9am ~ 2:30pm, while Wed only half-day 11:30am. At least in this school, I don’t worry what will have my daughter “bento” (pack lunch) the school will provide it.  That’s won’t stress me out everyday the “bento” preparation, because when my son in Kindergarten. In the evening, I have to think for his “bento” which everyday stress my brain of its.


At first we know that we have to wear formal together with my daugher and we bought the black formal dress. Then, it’s too late as my husband read the information regarding the Opening Ceremony program that our daughter should wear the school uniform. “Mottainai” (waste of money) as the Japanese says, anyway, we just have picture taking and the white dress, she supposedly to be a flower girl to the wedding in the Philippines what they did they send it to us via our friend who’s visiting us here in Japan.

The school ceremony is so wet, it’s raining the whole day. We can’t have picture taking inside the ground of the school under the Sakura trees. Where thinking to have a pictorial under the Sakura trees which we only know the mall nearby which nice background.

“Kangatte” (My feeling) to her I’m a bit anxious and I feel happy that I have seen my daughter growing I didn’t miss anything about her. First word she says, First step (walk), first solid food she eat as in everything. I’m so glad I made this way. I just miss her around me whenever I go from groceries, stores, malls, playground, etc. Now, I love to be full time mom. I’m so happy and proud to be a mom.


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Trade In Car

After we attended a showroom for the new release car of Nissan with Autech which is top notch techonology. Well, as you all know Japan is a manufacture of cars. Thats why here in Japan after 3years you can change your car and trade in to a latest model. But, you can exceed to 5 years it depends on the condition of the car. In Japan, the more the older your car is, the insurance is much expensive. So, people here cars is not luxury to them is a necessity.


From Silver color to Maroon both Nissan Serena Type

Total coordination of exterior and interior under the theme of “Power and Luxury” offers a striking street presence.
Higher output engine, tuned body and suspension deliver exhilarating acceleration, sporty and stable handling for a tight, comfortable ride.

Design: Exterior and interior design is totally coordinated by using full scale clay models and CAD design system.

Performance tuning: Leveraging the technology of racing car development, AUTECH provides ultimate driving performance through total package of high-output engine, tuned suspension and body reinforce.

Accessory parts: A broad range of original accessory parts are available for more personalization of customized cars.

Lucky for these kids, they get a chance to ride the latest and we are the first customer bought this new model. When, I was age like them riding in the bicycle is the happiest thing experience, but now a lot of rides you can imagine and invented as well.

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Osaka Wheel Lalaport

It’s been awhile since we didn’t visit this place. Now, is the time because the wheel is finished.


Look, how big it was and it was a nice weather to stroll around as well. Well, hot because it was summer, ok! Actually, the highest weather temperature was 41C… very hot and humid.

Here’s the view inside and out. Luckily, made in Japan so, very safe. I’ve made also video see below.

Thank you.




Disney Trip

I think we (hubby and i) much excited than our kids. Well, kids at heart. Because we will experience the Hotel of the Disney which looking forward the theme and also the perks. And also, if it’s worth it to spend so much money in this hotel before I answer it let just pause here for a while here’s the picture to be judged.


This is in-front of Hotel but you won’t see the sign of Hotel Disney Hotel (?)

This is our theme room we where excited to go inside but too early as they have to clean our room which check in time is 4pm. So, we decided  to go inside the park/amusement first. First, in Disneysea we took  the train lovely its first frozen theme. 

FotoJet Collage3.jpg

The Disney train is just 5-10mins walk in front of our hotel, convenient right? 😀

FotoJet Collage4.jpg

we had lunch buffet at Sailing Buffet Restaurant inside the DisneySea. So, yummy we had nice lunch.


Surprise birthday cake for our princess  (lovely…)

Day2 : we had breakfast in Sherwood restaurant inside Tokyo Disney hotel this is a separate charge or payment aside from the hotel. Breakfast is not included once you booked in the hotel :-(. Anyway, just once in a lifetime experience and it was good a lot of variety foods.  

FotoJet Collage5

We are in Disneyland now… We had time to go around not much people I mean not too crowded. My son, got time to ask the character to signed on his autograph. Last time we went here we don’t have this kind of autograph thing we just known in at USA Disney only. Now, they have here in Japan I don’t know in Hong Kong because the last time I went there nothing just taking some pictures with the characters. 




Day 3: DisneySea again hehehe… But we had a great time in our lunch which is we had to booked lunch at Ambassador Hotel, Chef Mickey… Disney main character will dine in with us they will go table to table to meet and greet.  (Don’t ask the price very expensive, it just want to expereince it)



Back to hotel rest for awhile and go to Disneyland (5mins walk from our hotel hehehe) our last day in park/amusement. Convenient to this hotel is just walk few walks and train going to the park/amusement. No need to rush to the train station to go home or back to city to your hotel. Below picture a ticket for the Disney Resort Line. 


Well, that’s all folks our Disney Trip and if you want to stay in Disney Hotel, be my guess.

The 4th to 6th day Travel we went to Nagano, Japan… i’ll post soon the details. So, amazed with the Snow Monkey. —


My 1st Smashbook 

I just finished our family first smashbook… I love it and love doing it… Is our journal + diary + bookscraping + album etc…

The cover: 


I just loved our family photo shoot in traditional Japanese costume… 

Here’s the rest of the pages… Hope you enjoy it. 

3 pages in USJ… With a visitor from Australia and Singapore friends  

Movie date : ticket and nov.1 soul day

This deserve one page when my little princess is sick almost one week.   

As i finished doing this you feel blessed with a family with photo or not those days funday with your family is really priceless…. I should mention my name of my blog.. My countless blessing… In life… My family 😍

If your planning to make one of your smashbook the messy will better than arranging in…include your creativity doing journal or diary, receipts, brochures, flyers anything goes…

Thank you and enjoy viewing & reading my blog…. L


As I write in my previous post that we are going to visit my home country which my mother-in-law didn’t  know that we are going to home (The Philippines). Anyway, she gets surprised really she cried (that’s tears of Joy) his favorite grandson will be here before her birthday. So, we are getting hungry, we just eat a fast food for dinner which is Jollibee…. 🙂 I miss their gravy…


Luckily, we didn't forgot her Anpanman stuff.
Luckily, we didn’t forgot her Anpanman stuff.

The next day, the real birthday of my mother-in-law. Eat dinner at the house of the eldest son (bro-in-law) Pizza only because Dinner will be in a Japanese (as if we didn’t come from Japan) anyway, the restaurant is cozy and friendly server and most of all cheap.


she's amazed with the rain. Bec. in Japan she don't usually go out.
she’s amazed with the rain. Bec. in Japan she don’t usually go out.

094 095  DSC_6178 DSC_6190 DSC_6194 DSC_6203 DSC_6208

The rest of the day, we have time to shop and eat Filipino food.

one of my favorite "pork sisig"
one of my favorite “pork sisig”
Kare-Kare and shanghai
Kare-Kare and shanghai
crab rice
crab rice

104 105

we just have time to have a minute of foot spa (pedi and mani as well)
we just have time to have a minute of foot spa (pedi and mani as well)

Paid visit to the father of my hubby (father-in-law) in the cementery.

DSC_6298 DSC_6316 DSC_6320 136 DSC_6334 DSC_6342

And, of course drop by in the mall and shop a bit and also eat lunch @ Kamay Kainan (Buffet)

Finally, the reason we are here (The Philippines) the celebration of the birthday of my Mother-in-Law.

_DSC7038 _DSC7040 _DSC7057 _DSC7060 _DSC7078 _DSC7131

The Decoration was simple and elegant

_DSC7041 _DSC7044

_DSC7047 _DSC7052

_DSC7185 _DSC7277

No doubt,  the food it was good… Happy Tummy again!

The next day, early morning we fly back to Japan (3am) as in early. Kids, just sleep entire flight. We just eat their in-flight food. Then, back to Japan around 8:30am.

161 162 164

Last Lunch at the Philippines

166 197

At the Mall

200 201


 204 205

Caution: High Cholesterol

209 212

At the mall, kid on Play

217 219

Last Dinner together with my Hubby Family

Thank you for the prayer we have a safe journey (vice versa), especially if you have a toddler.

Abounding Weeks

It’s been awhile couldn’t have time to write… pardon for my busy life (doing some DIY/crochet/knitting/studying Japanese). Anyway, let’s start from last week… it was our 10th Civil Wedding Anniversary September 5. Well, in the Philippines if you get married you have to be registered in the city hall before you go to a church wedding which is they call it Civil Wedding. And our Wedding Ceremony was December 10.

can’t resist to post this pic of my daughter how happy she was

Not expected to have a nice lunch at the seafood restaurant (not sushi) in Japan and it was very expensive. So, hard to find nice and tasty crabs.

P1110735 P1110740 P1110743 P1110748

It was cozy restaurant but, a little serving and too expensive for two orders.

Headband Crab, Cool!!!

Anyhow, I thank my husband for looking this Crab Restaurant, which one of my favorite seafood.

Last weekend we had unplanned trip in Arashiyama. Lovely place to take a day tour.

Arashiyama (嵐山 Storm Mountain?) is a district on the western outskirts of Kyoto, Japan. It also refers to the mountain across the Ōi River, which forms a backdrop to the district. Arashiyama is a nationally-designated Historic Site and Place of Scenic Beauty.

Notable tourist sites

  • The Iwatayama Monkey Park on the slopes of Arashiyama. Over 170 monkeys live at the park. While the monkeys are wild, they have become accustomed to humans. The park is located on a small mountain not far from the Saga-Arashiyama rail station. Visitors can approach and photograph the monkeys. At the summit is a fenced enclosure, from within which visitors can feed the monkeys.
  • The “Moon Crossing Bridge” (渡月橋,Togetsukyō), notable for its views of cherry blossoms and autumn colors on the slopes of Arashiyama.
  • The tombstone of the Heike courtesan Kogo of Sagano.
  • Tenryū-ji, the main temple of one of the 15 branches of the Rinzai school, one of the two main sects of Zen Buddhism in Japan.
  • The hamlet of Kiyotaki, a small scenic village at the base of Mt Atago, the home to a notable Shinto shrine.
  • Matsunoo-taisha, a shrine half a mile south of the area, which is home to a blessed spring. It is also one of the oldest shrines in the Kyoto area, founded in 700. The alleged restorative properties of the spring bring many local sake and miso companies to the shrine for prayers that their product will be blessed.
  • Kameyama koen has a stone commemorating Zhou Enlai’s visit to Arashiyama. He was moved by the cherry blossoms and mountain greenery. The four poems Zhou Enlai wrote about his visit are engraved on a stone monument: “Arashiyama in the Rain.”
  • Ōkōchi Sansō, the Japanese-style home and gardens of the film actor Denjirō Ōkōchi.

035 043 047 049 052 065 068 072 077 078 085 092 095 102 109 118

Luckily, the weather cooperate, not that hot.

121 124

I’m planning to make of this, but first i need to buy variety Kimono cloth. Soooo cute inside the house. Not to mention, they are very expensive. If your facing in the screen/display the right side display that cost @ 21,500 yen ($180). They call it tsurushibina, tsurushi bina つるし雛 / 吊るし雛 small hanging hina dolls

sagemon さげもん, sagarimono さがりもの, tsurushi kazari つるしかざり
kasafuku 傘福 – “umbrella for good luck”

On Monday (Sept.21), we will have a trip back to the Philippines. Oh, excited to eat the food. We will spend only 7days c’oz for my mother-in-law birthday. I have a lot of things to buy their and to do before we go back to Japan. Just follow me on twitter or instagram for more updates of our trips. My one yr & 6mos will surely appreciate the food in the Philippines. The last time we have tripped in the Philippines she was just 8mos old. And, surely she recognizes the faces of the family on both sides. Excited as well seeing my family…. Very!!!

See y’ah Soon!!!