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Sea Paradise, Yokohama (Japan)

Our first time to visit this park near our house. First, we know we are just going to eat lunch and watch a movie. Then, suddenly my hubby told me, let’s try this Sea Paradise after we finish our lunch.

Chinese Restaurant

200meters walk from Parking to the Park. Luckily, we go there like the sun is not that really up and almost past 4pm. So, we decided to buy Night Park kinda’ expensive but worth it. It was a huge park which you can see sea creatures, rides, and activities.

About Sea Paradise

Covering an entire island, one of Japan’s biggest theme parks!Yokohama Hakkeijima Sea Paradise, located in the city of Yokohama’s Kanazawa Ward area of Yokohama Bay, covers an entire island of approx. 24 hectares. The sea, island and living creatures that characterize the ocean leisure park come together in the only park of its kind in the metropolitan area—one that covers an entire island. The park combines aquariums, a theme park, a shopping area, restaurants and a hotel. Since its opening on May 8, 1993, local people, people from the metropolitan area, and more recently foreign visitors, have flocked to Yokohama Hakkeijima Sea Paradise.

Easy access from Tokyo and local tourist spots.

It only takes around an hour from Tokyo tourist destinations like Asakusa, Shinjuku and the Tokyo Station area, and only around half an hour from the Yokohama Bay Area, Kamakura or Enoshima. Yokohama Hakkeijima Sea Paradise is the only leisure island that allows visitors to experience the seas of Japan, an island, and various living creatures so close to the heart of the city.


Aqua Resorts Pass + Pleasure Land Pass

From Mar. 1, 2016
Adult & Senior High School Student

5,050 yen

Junior high school & Elementary school student

3,600 yen

Infants (4 years or over)

2,050 yen

Senior (65 years or over)

3,600 yen

Tickets can also be purchased at ticket machines installed near the Merry-go-round and Sea Paradise Tower.

Sea Paradise Premium Pass

Come and have fun as you please with this annual pass

Adult & Senior High School Student

10,100 yen

Junior high school & Elementary school student

7,200 yen

Infants (4 years or over)

4,100 yen

Senior (65 years or over)

7,200 yen

Charges are determined according to age and school grade on the day of purchase.


4 Aquarium Pass

Adult & Senior High School Student

3,000 yen

Junior high school & Elementary school student

1,750 yen

Infants (4 years or over)

850 yen

Senior (65 years or over)

2,450 yen

Entry to the Aqua Theater requires a separate fee of 500 yen after entry to the Aqua Museum.



Adult & Senior High School Student

3,200 yen

Junior high school & Elementary school student

1,950 yen

Infants (4 years or over)

1,050 yen

Senior (65 years or over)

2,650 yen


Attraction Pass

Adult & Senior High School Student

3,000 yen

Junior high school & Elementary school student

2,650 yen

Infants (4 years or over)

1,550 yen

Senior (65 years or over)

3,000 yen

Tickets are also on sale at the Blue Fall,
Surf Coaster LEVIATHAN, Drunken Barrel,
Octopus, and Aqua Ride Ⅱ ticket machines.

A set of 5 tickets for Nakayoshi Oyako
(A happy parent and child set)

Special coupon tickets allowing parents and children to ride five attractions with no height restriction.

Adult & Senior High School Student

2,000 yen

Available attractions

Sea Boat
Sea Paradise Tower
Drunken Barrel
Paradise Cruise
Peter Pan
Red Baron
Sea Train
Island Tour Bus

The adult must be 18 years or older, and the child must be from four years old to elementary school students.

Tickets are also on sale at the Merry-go-round, Drunken Barrel, Sea Paradise Tower, and Sea Boat ticket machines.

We see one of our favorite variety show in Japan the EtQ! Funny show and that area which is they catch in the sea and put in this area. We watch dolphin show then in Fureai lagoon which you can touch the dolphin.

Even its night, it was humid and dry.

Even though we are sweating, we know kids enjoyed a lot especially touching the dolphin and watching the fireworks display.

For more information please click Sea Paradise, Yokohama, Japan. I also had time to video our short trip see below.


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The “yakatabune” is a traditional cruising boat that has been used continuously since the Edo period. Yakatabune have a roof and a style distinctive of old Japan. They are a wonderful way to go sightseeing by river or sea. Yakatabune are normally rented out for parties, but “noriai” is sometimes available where you can ride with other passengers. Places that manage yakatabune are called “funayado.” Funayado offer many different sightseeing courses and dining plans. Courses normally last 2 to 3 hours.

History of Yakatabune

Sightseeing cruises have a long history in Japan. In the 7th and 8th centuries, Japanese nobility would ride on decorated boats and read poems and perform music while enjoying the scenery. During the Edo period, rich samurai and merchants would compete in making lavish yakatabune, and would use them for sightseeing and dining. These lavish lifestyles were then outlawed, and extravagant yakatabune disappeared. After this, very basic yakatabune were constructed and commoners were able to enjoy cruising. Contemporary yakatabune developed during this time.

Having a friend’s same culture looks we sort of miss our own country. We really had so much fun and new experience as well. We went to the Costco to buy some food to eat and we meet all in the port. Thanks to our friend for reserving the boat for us at least we have 20 people to rent a boat (not including kids)

We also celebrate the July’s birthday. So much food to take home.

Most yakatabune set out in the evening, but some yakatabune are available in the afternoon. Afternoon cruising offers different scenic views than those at night.

Afternoon and Evening Scenery

Most yakatabune set out in the evening, but some yakatabune are available in the afternoon. Afternoon cruising offers different scenic views than those at night.

Below the video, I just used my phone.


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Ishikawa Trip

It’s been a long trip for us. From Yokohama to Ishikawa it took us 9hrs long drive. Plus 1hr. for stops. We leave Yokohama around 9:30pm (Evening) less traffic let say. As a


companion to the driver which is my husband, he might get sleepy when he sees me sleeping. I better to do something so, I bring along the iPad to watch Marvel Marathon that’s 14 movies on the row. Good Idea, but he needs to take a nap or break in a service area.




Even though is tiring drive, but when you see the place it was breathtaking. The Sea and Greenery mountain, full of trees. I’m a nature lover this kind of place will rarely be seen in the city.

Ishikawa Prefecture
Japanese transcription(s)
 • Japanese 石川県
 • Rōmaji Ishikawa-ken
Flag of Ishikawa Prefecture
Official logo of Ishikawa Prefecture
Location of Ishikawa Prefecture
Country Japan
Region Chūbu
Island Honshu
Capital Kanazawa
 • Governor Masanori Tanimoto
 • Total 4,185.22 km2 (1,615.92 sq mi)
Area rank 35th
Population (February 1, 2011)
 • Total 1,168,929
 • Rank 34th
 • Density 279.30/km2 (723.4/sq mi)
ISO 3166 code JP-17
Districts 5
Municipalities 19
Flower Black lily(Fritillaria camtschatcensis)
Tree Hiba (Thujopsis dolabrata)
Bird Golden eagle(Aquila chrysaetos)
Website [1]

Ishikawa Prefecture (石川県Ishikawa-ken) is a prefecture of Japan located in the Chūbu region on Honshu island.The capital is Kanazawa.


Ishikawa is on the Sea of Japan coast. The northern part of the prefecture consists of the narrow Noto Peninsula, while the southern part is wider and consists mostly of mountains with the prefecture’s chief city, Kanazawa, located in the coastal plain. The prefecture also has some islands, including NotojimaMitsukejimaHegurajima.

As of 1 April 2012, 13% of the total land area of the prefecture was designated as Natural Parks, namely the HakusanNational Park; Echizen-Kaga Kaigan and Noto Hantō Quasi-National Parks; and five Prefectural Natural Parks.[4]


Eleven cities are located in Ishikawa Prefecture:

After we drop our things, eat lunch and rest for a bit, we proceed to places to go around with the kids to enjoy (also us kid’s heart).

we had a great time playing to this huge playground Alice Science Park. (アリス館志賀を囲むように広がっている芝生広場には、サイクリングロードやいろいろな遊具があります。)

And free ride or use below just wait for your turn (fall in line).


And, I forgot what name of this place. It was full of flowers and nice view as well.

and take note, I got my model which is my little princess (daughter). She loves it.

Our 2nd Day, We went to the Market they call it Wajima, Ishiki Market. We eat brunch there which is seafood they all fresh. Love it! I was drooling and I want more!!!

after that, we go around the market. And we bought crabs and shrimp they will send it the next day.

After shopping, Kids turn. We went to the Aquarium a bit far took us 1hr going there.

There was a lot of people it was crowded :-(.

The aquarium is home to 40,000 animals of approximately 500 different species found in the sea waters near Noto Peninsula.

You will forget all about the time as you enjoy a variety of aquarium attractions and activities such as dolphins and sea lion show, otter feeding, penguins’ stroll, the sea bream’s world of light and sound, etc. Notojima Aquarium offers various interactive activities to the visitors such as animal feeding, touching animals such as dolphins and so on.

She know how to operate this coin car. She’s so brave. And, we have to take picture with the event schedule.

Fish everywhere (of course!)


Opening Hours

20th March ~ 30th November 09:00 am ~ 05:00 pm
1st December ~ 19th March 09:00 am ~ 04:30 pm

* Last entry 30 minutes before closing time.

Entry Fee

Adults (High school students and above) 1,850 Yen
Children (Elementary and junior high school students, children above the age of 3) 510 Yen
Group 20 persons or more Adults 1,650 Yen
Children 460 Yen
100 persons or more Adults 1,450 Yen
Children 410 Yen

* Free for children aged 2 or below.

He draw and will post on the projector. Above was his drawing.

We watch Dolphine and the Penguin walking. After, we go home and have our last supper with the our extended family from Osaka, Japan.


3rd Day, yup about to go home. What I really like about Japan, their Service Area are so clean and very convenient. The Toilet and stores/stall. One of the thing I love Japan their politeness and cleanliness.


Restroom are clean


Lunch before heading home

As we arrived, they also deliver our crabs and shrimp. So, convenient.


I took a video but, I didn’t edit yet. Hopefully, within this week or next week I will post. Becuase this coming Saturday, we will having a House Warming so, it will be busy a bit. Then, the other week perhaps I will be free do my editing and my craft also.

Hopefully, this post might help you to visit this place. It was a short trip but, we seize the day.

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Golden Week (Japan)

One of the long Holiday in Japan was the Golden week. What is Golden Week is all about in Japan? May 3-5 (Golden Week) is a week from 29th of April to early May containing numbers of Japanese Holiday.

Holiday Celebrated

  • April 29 
    • The Emperor’s Birthday
      • Tenchu Setsu, 1927-1948
      • Tenno Tanjobi, 1949-1988
    • Greenery Day, 1989-2006
      • It is a day to commune with nature and to be thankful for blessings. The day was renamed to “Greenery Day” to acknowledged the controversial wartime emperor’s love for plants without directly mentioning his name. Japanese practice it is seen as just another that expands the Golden Week vacation.
    • Showa Day, 2007-present
      • It honors the birthday of Emperor Showa (Hirohito) the reigning emperor from 1926 to 1989/ the Purpose of the Holiday is to encourage public reflection on the turbulent 63 years of Hirohito’s reign.
  • May 3
    • Constitution Memorial Day (Kenpo Kinenbi)
      • Is often chosen as a day to reflect on the meaning of democracy and the Japanese government.
  • May 4
    • Citizen’s Holiday, 1985-2006
      • Citizen’s Holiday is a generic term for any official holiday. May 4 was until 2007 an unnamed but official holiday because of a rule that converts any day between two holidays into a new holiday.
    • Greenery Day, 2007-present
  • May 5
    • Children’s Day (Also known as Boyz Day)

Here in Japan when a public holiday lands on a Sunday, the next day that is not already a holiday becomes a holiday for that year.

“Golden Week” based on the Japanese radio lingo “golden time”, which denotes the period with the highest listeners ratings. At that time, April 29 was a National Holiday celebrating the birth of the Showa Emperor. Upon his death in 1989, the day was renamed “Greenery Day” in 2007. Greenery Day was moved to May 4 and April 29 was renamed Showa Day to commemorate the late Emperor.

Golden Week is a popular time for holiday travel. If you ask me, yup, we will have a long vacation even though my husband work is in Global which means no holiday to him. But, of course, family first, he just takes a leave. And expect crowd places like trains, airports, roads, camping sites, etc.

We will have a holiday this coming Golden week and the next will be my son’s birthday. Just follow my twitter and Instagram account for more updates.

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Kanazawa Zoo


It was our first time to visit this place. We always pass by this area when we are going out it was located on the highway.

Access The Zoo 

The view here is breathtaking but they have few animals. Anyway, they have a big playground, picnic grove, and restaurants. This place is huge.

Up the mountain
Before going to the zoo inside you have to take a bus going up the mountain

Admission fees

An individual Group (more than 20 people)
General 500 yen 400 yen
High school student / under 18 300yen 240yen
junior high school student / elementary school student 200yen 160yen
Child (ages0-6) free

Every Saturday, elementary, junior high and high school students are free (student ID card etc)

Payment with transportation IC cards

Can Pay The You Admission Fees With The Transportation System IC Cards Like PASMO · Suica At The Entrance Gate.
※ Multiple Names Can Be Paid With One Card

Yokohama Zoo / Kanazawa Zoo Common Annual Passports

price and validity period

18 years old and over 2,000yen / 1 year from purchase date

designated zoos

Zoorasia · Kanazawa Zoo

※ 2 May 28, 2018 with the (water), it was discontinued a year passport of the transportation system IC card. For more information click here

Sales location

Zoorasia Main Gate · North Gate, Kanazawa zoo tickt office.

Below the view.

DSC_5029.jpg DSC_5090.jpg

DSC_5091.jpg  DSC_5092.jpgDSC_5033.jpg  DSC_5045.jpgDSC_5132.jpg  DSC_5133.jpg

Below the entrance to the area.


We only really see few animals here and usually, they are alone inside the cage.

DSC_5138.jpg DSC_5068.jpg


Then, kids enjoyed the big playground especially the long slide.

DSC_5155.jpg  DSC_5169.jpg

DSC_5175.jpg  DSC_5184.jpg


You can watch the video below.


For more information of Kanazawa Zoo. Please click here.

Before, we go to the Zoo. We go around our area to our house to look Sakura (Cherry Blossoms Trees). See below how pretty the trees are.











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Disney Hotel


Before ending our vacay, we decided to visit this Disney Hotel which failed to booked this year 😦 Anyway, we also get a chance to have a family picture inside and quick check as well.


The Hallway really nice to have some pictures. Looks like your inside the castle as well.

And, I like the chandelier and little princess like the gown of Cinderella.

Every door they have Disney Princess Names.

And, the set of chairs and cabinets. They all lovely, even the carpet. Dying to have one in our house.

Below, quick video going to this hotel and inside the hotel.


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